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First Aid

Contact Person: Lisa Faust

A New Way to Life Pet Services

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Denver, Colorado....There is a tremendous need for training in pet first aid and care because unfortunately, thousands of pets die every year from preventable accidents! According to the Lakewood, Colorado-based American Animal Hospital Association, 1 out of 4 pets could be saved if just one pet first aid technique is used before transporting the animal to the veterinarian. Pet Tech’s eight-hour PetSaver™ course will teach attendees to be effective; leading with your head, using your hands with awareness, acting appropriately.

“Pet parents would do anything to help their furry friends, if they only knew how,” claims Lisa Faust with A New Way to Life. Faust is offering Pet Tech classes for pet parents and pet professionals. She is an instructor who has successfully completed the Pet Tech training program and is qualified to teach their family of programs.

"An important part of being a caring, conscientious, responsible and loving pet parent is knowing the life saving skills of pet first aid and care,” said Faust. The eight-hour class includes the skills and information necessary to prepare the pet parent in the unfortunate event of a medical emergency involving their pet. Some of the topics highlighted in the class include: CPR, Rescue Breathing, Shock Management, Bleeding Protocols, Injury and Wellness Assessments, Heat Injuries, Cold Injuries and Pet Care. "Now pet parents can learn pet CPR, first aid and care and give their pets the best care available,”

"Doggie" or "Kitty" breath is not normal and is usually a sign of poor oral hygiene that should be addressed promptly. The PetSaver™ program teaches pet parents the many aspects of caring for their pet's teeth. Pet parents will learn how to properly brush their pet's teeth, choose safe toys and healthy food snacks and work with their veterinarian to assure good dental health.

On the average, pets (dogs and cats) seven years and older are considered senior "pet-izens" and are at risk for age-related health problems. In Pet Tech's PetSaver™ class, pet parents will learn the risk factors associated with older pets, proper exercise plans, diet and nutritional choices, and the things they should be doing for senior pet-izens and the things they should not be doing for pets in their golden years, notes Faust.

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Check out the next class location and date. For more information or to sign-up call Lisa Faust with A New Way to Life at 303 274 4930.


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Contact: Kathy Deitsch or Lisa Faust

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Wheat Ridge, CO - Cedar, Colorado's sole canine author and Doggone Green Crusader sent Bo, the new White House dog and his family her Crusader pack. It features Cedar's two books for Malia and Sasha, her specially designed reusable tote bag and bio-degradable poop bags with dispenser, two safe Tuff balls and organic Democratic and Republican dog treats.

Cedar's out to show pets and their people how to be doggone earth-friendly. She and her furry brother, Pup Ernie, are the authors of Doggone Clean and Green: Eco-Solutions for a Pet's Daily Life, transcribed by pet parent Kathy Deitsch. Their newly released resource and activity book for children will help pets and their people reduce their carbon "paw and foot prints." From choosing the right food, safer toys, traveling with pets, to the scoop on poop, these eco-savvy pooches approach a variety of topics with candid and humorous conversations.

Readers will learn about their own habitats and how they can participate in the greening of planet earth, while raising a fur-tastic pet. Interactive activities and lots of great resources will help pets and their people understand their connection to the web of life. Cedar and Ernie make learning about pet care and the earth tail-wagging fun. These Doggone Green Crusaders urge readers to make doggone good choices that will benefit themselves and the earth for years to come.

The local Chesapeake Bay retrievers hope to recruit the Obama's newest family member, Bo, to join the ever-growing pack of Doggone Green Crusaders. Cedar and Ernie invite Puppy Bo to learn a paws-itive approach to a cleaner, greener and healthier life by practicing daily doggone green actions and teaching others to do the same.

For more information on Doggone Green: A Call to Action to Save the Earth; and Doggone Clean and Green: Eco-solutions for a Pet's Daily Life, please call A New Way to Life Publishing at (303) 274-4930. Cedar and Ernie's web site is Email Cedar.


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