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Cedar Dog picks feline running mate, paws-up for snouts and whiskers


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I am a decisive candidate, a value I bring to the campaign for Mayor. A couple of weeks ago I announced my choice of running mate, my feline sister Hillary who brings an extra set of “paws on the ground” next to mine. It strengthens my candidacy, as Hillary is a doggone good choice; she is smart, in charge and adorable. She is all the rage, she will swing votes our way; she brings balance to the mayoral ticket. She is everything you would want in a Mayor, a trusted guide and in the event I am away, visiting out-of-state or internationally, she will be here to serve.  

The details of the second-in-command’s jobs are being paws-tiviely studied. Trust me; this is not your mama’s crusade. As a team, we have our snouts on the ground; we hear the purrs and woofs of America’s pets. Hillary’s whisker antennas are highly sensitive; they keep her “on top” of things. In fact, our whiskers read our surroundings like feeling air pressures and currents and sensing vibrations. We believe that gives us a paws-up; we trust our connections to nature, truth, and higher powers. Our superb team will press forward with a new paw-litical direction for America’s four-leggeds. We will “leave no paws behind.”

 This last week Hillary took over in my absence at pet therapy and she made some presentations to supporters. Hillary’s best work is in uncovering truth, lacking in most campaigns these days. I have to say human campaigns have wacky sounding names (and ideas). I mention a few like "blue dogs, yellow dogs, tea and coffee parties, watermelon, constitution, green, independent, and libertarian” parties. Just be clear, “Hill” and I are the “real deal.” We do not act as if, we are ourselves; teaching what we do best through our deeds, not words, of unconditional love, and forgiveness. If ever there was a time for four-legs and a tail, it is now! Stay tuned for more on a pet’s agenda for America’s 4-leggeds!  Woofs, Cedar Dog

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