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Sometimes it is ugly getting to yes


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More often than not Mom reads articles and posts to me early in the morning. I  paw-through them and together we settle on what we plan to share, woof more about or ignore. It is something I have learned to do in running for Mayor.

You see I believe pets and their people want information and they expect a mayoral choice to have knowledge, be a teacher and a community leader.  After all being Mayor is about making a better life for the animals in our neighborhoods and improving the lives of our people.

Cedar Dog for Mayor

We thought this Wall Street Journal Sunday Love & Money opinion piece by Jeff Opdyke deserves your attention. I say it is ugly in the beginning but he comes to the right conclusion. The great part too, he reviews things would-be pet parents and kids should think about before heading out to the local shelter or rescue to adopt one of us.

So, enjoy! It is a good read. Remember too that we are great teachers of enthusiasm, forgiveness, unconditional love, and affection. The secret, you will need to learn  to be still and listen. We are so worth it and it might even soften your rough edges.

Have a paws-itively awesome 2011 and always choose to be greener.

Woofs, Cedar Dog

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