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Does your pet have identification


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Cedar is asking for your help. Are your pet's micro chipped, licensed, tattooed or otherwise distinguished? If not, why? We have found numerous dogs recently in the neighborhood that were not tagged. Without ID it is hard for a pet to find its way home. You may think your pet won't escape but sometimes a door is left open unintentionally or some other oddity takes place. Bear in mind only 2% of lost cats and 15% of lost dogs are reunited with their pet parent. Don't overlook indoor pets, especially cats.

We are challenged to understand the reasons why people don't license their dogs. Is it the cost, you just haven't gotten around to it, you don't think it is necessary or you didn't know it was the law?

Do you live in a city or rural? Would you tell us where?

Please send Cedar an email with your input. You'll hear more about this in the future on this blog and at It is a growing concern and a major Doggone Green Agenda issue.

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