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Making Better Choices

This page is about how easy it is to Make Your Home Healthier, reducing exposure to toxic chemicals in everyday personal care, cosmetic and cleaning products. Here you can learn what is harmful, select replacement products and make sure you don’t ever run out of safe product again.

Protecting ourselves from environmental toxins begins with minimizing exposure in our home.

Superior NEWAYS Products (click)

Safe Products that Protect the “Little Ones”
Body and Hair Wash, Lotion, Powder, Bubble Bath, Detangler

and the Rest of the Family

Personal Care Products
Bath, Shower, Shaving Gel, Deodorant
Dental, Hair and Skin Care Systems
Cosmetic & Nail Care Products

*Neways’ Personal Care products are free of harmful ingredients
including phthalates, DEA, TEA, sodium laurel sulfate, and talc.

Convert Your Bathroom Pack

Neways Convert Your Bathroom Pack features nine of Neways’ finest personal care products with information designed to educate a consumer on the concerns surrounding questionable ingredients.


Safe Household Products

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