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Cedar Dog

Seriously enjoying Super Bowl Day
Cedar Dog




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Cedar and Kathy Deitsch

Cedar Dog here; Mom’s back from Climate Leadership Training, Chicago. The 3-day gathering tackled the climate crisis head-on; taught by Climate Reality Honcho, former Vice-President Al Gore and his team of “bright sparks.” Worldwide, there are now 6,000 trained Climate Leaders in more than 100 countries and all 50 states. The work, educate on climate truth with acts of leadership, engaging and empowering people to build networks of reality, all the while inspiring solutions and action in local communities on climate change.

So what do Climate Leaders Do? They engage local media outlets, activate social networks and — most of all — inspire communities everywhere to join in and confront the most defining issue of our time, Climate Reality!

Cedar’s transcriber here; Most likely you know me as Cedar Dog’s mouth-piece. That title role has been and continues to be the “ride of a lifetime.” Cedar Dog and I are dogged when it comes to caring for nature. We often say the challenge of our times is a lack of common sense and due diligence in matters of protecting the earth.

Join us and be powerful champions for the planet!

I am privileged to be Cedar Dog’s transcriber. Cedar and I lead the field in providing Eco-Solutions for a Pet’s Daily Life. We put our “paws” in it, highlighting how to better care for “mother earth,” ourselves, our pets; and then “taking action!” We choose to make a difference, both in a big way, and in a million little ways with thousands of other pets and their people.

Few human beings have the riches associated with being a transcriber for their pet. Pets are powerful teachers of unconditional love, forgiveness and loyalty.

We developed an eco-agenda to die for; we asked the questions:
How does your pet impact the earth?
How do you impact your pet’s health (and your own)?
What are you going to do about it?
Who will you tell?

Understand this, if you are not healthy, how can you be your best for your pet. In matters of your own health and well-being have you done your due diligence? What constitutes a healthy impact? What changes have you made in food and exercise? What have you done for your pet’s health?
Do you remain open to new information?
Do you take action daily as a devotee of planet earth? What eco-solutions do you practice each day?
Things take time, often extraordinary persistence and trust. Who we become in those moments measures the nerve or cowardice in each of us.

In the end it is about our connection with each other, with the animals, all of life and planet earth. It is about choice and believing you can matter, then doing the work, taking the actions and enjoying the ride? Who are you willing to become? Your pet(s) and the world need your gifts.

Cedar Dog & Kathy

PetsGoneGreen – Please Join our ACTION list

Climate Reality Blog

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Cedar Dog’s wants you to know, “It doesn’t get any better than this.” Imagine getting notes like this every morning in your in-box!

Me & Mom

……….From TUT today July 10th, 2013

“I just want you to know, Cedar Dog and Kathy, that those animals you’ve known, who’ve moved beyond the veils of time and space, were forever changed by your love, they’re alive and well, and they’ve banded together to ask me a favor… that I make sure you get this message.”

Bark, meow, chirp, ergle –
The Universe, a Daily Note from the Universe


Mike Dooley is host to a community of half-a-million like-minded thinkers, “Tutters,” Check out the Daily Notes from the Universe e-mailings. Dooley’s self-improvement books and events from TUT (Totally Unique Thoughts) believes that “everyone’s special, that every life is meaningful, and that we’re all here to learn that dreams do come true. We also believe that “thoughts become things,” and that imagination is the gift that can bring love, health, abundance, and happiness into our lives.”

WOW, there is more! A Book from TUT you might want to share  with your children, both 2 and 4-leggeds!

Dandelion: The Extraordinary Life of a Misfit by Sheelagh Mawe

An inspiring story that will have you hopelessly guessing at what becomes of this lost, rebellious soul… until you shed a tear of joy, remembering that trusting life is half the secret!

Woofs, Cedar Dog

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Lisa Faust, Master Instructor

You have just 8 days to Act!

We have agreed pets make our lives so much better. Because your awareness about their care has advanced do you have the “the information and skills” to keep pace with their needs.

Case in point: would you know what to do when your pet needs you most?

Younger dogs are curious, active and quick, all the while doing some pretty silly things like swallowing a pair of your knee high stockings; would you know what to do? Or the car is leaking anti-freeze and your dog runs in the garage and rapidly laps up the spill. Now what?
What about emergency pet care, are you prepared? Allow me to share an experience I recently had as a 9-year professional pet sitter. I share this experience as it could have just as easily happened on your watch as a pet parent.

“The loud jarring screech from young dog Lucky was like he was being struck or attacked by another dog or a wild animal. I was just leaving that afternoon from a regular pet care visit. His squeal caused me to quickly re-enter the house. Looking out the back door, I saw him dangling from the fence-gate, upside down, his back left leg wedged tightly in the fence.

I instinctively knew, because of my first aid training, that any pet that is in pain or going to be moved into pain can and will bite. I hurriedly grabbed a leather lead from the tabletop; I used it as a temporary muzzle. I proceeded to free his leg from the fence. I was still bitten, ever so lightly.

At first he was hobbling, after a few minutes he put full weight on his leg. I was reassured when he reached over and licked my hand and arm; as if to say, hey that was a close call, you saved my life.

I did a snout to tail assessment to make sure that he had no tender spots or that he responded anywhere with discomfort. All seemed well.

When the vet checked him a few hours later he said there was no permanent damage due to his young age and mainly the quick reaction of getting him freed from the fence.”

Do you have a Starter First Aid Kit for your pet along with a muzzle for YOUR safety?

What about your Senior Pet-izen™, eelder pets require a different level of care; do you know those signs & symptoms and risk factors?

What about on-going dental care for your pets, things you can do regularly to avoid expensive dental surgeries and tooth loss. Just like us, if the mouth is filthy, and not cleaned up regularly gum disease and tooth loss occur. Periodontal disease causes more problems than tooth pain. Four-leggeds with unchecked gum infection may be at a higher threat for heart, kidney, and liver disease.

So, your best friend relies on you to do the very best for them. We invite you to look at your life and learn where you can do better for them. Our adage has always been, “When only the best will do.”

Pets improve our quality of life. It is our belief that as we surely advance our own lives that equal or better care be given our pets. Superior wellbeing and prevention matters; the components of quality nutrition, a strong immune system and exercise are basic.

As your awareness grows are you building a higher standard of care for your four-leggeds? For us, at a New Way to Life Pet Sitting and Pet Services, that translates into pet education for pet parents. We invite you to explore our website and sign up for the programs offered.

I am Lisa Faust, Cedar Dog’s other Mom. I am a Master Instructor and I teach an incredible Pet First Aid Education Class that is both fun and valuable. I promise you will love it.

At the end of the day your pet greets you with unconditional love, forgiveness and loyalty. For starters, are you ready to pay it forward and learn to do “a snout to tail assessment” on your pet weekly?

Sign up today for my class June 22nd in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

Coming to Winston Salem, NC in September and Indianapolis, IN in October

303 274 4930 for more information

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I love the water

In my eco- sphere, every day is a Make it Greener kinda of day. Green your household and teach others to do the same.

First off, got a question for you; can you name the top 3 oil spill in U.S. waters? And which one officially launched Earth Day. Find the answers at my web link below.

Water Resources at Risk

I am concerned about the earth’s water supply growing dirtier, actually very filthy; and in areas in the U.S. water shortages are real.  Here in Denver, CO, we have a Stage 2 drought warning that took effect April 1. Bus signs, billboards, park benches advised in previous years a Use Only What You Need campaign; these days the new sign, This is a Drought, Use Even Less.

Dog Doo-Doo cleanup is about water quality. Keep the storm water sewers free of dog waste as
storm drains do not connect to treatment facilities. Know this: Dog poop is not fertilizer; a yard with dog waste can be a danger-zone for kids and adults as harmful organisms can hang-out for a year or more. When poop on lawns, driveways and pavement mixes with storm water runoff, waterways suffer, as does the watershed. An example, 2 to 3 days of poop from a population of 100 dogs would contribute enough bacteria and nutrients to temporarily close a lake or inlet for swimming. See this Winchester, VA city brochure on dog waste and the streams and ponds that are a part of the Chesapeake Bay watershed, the largest estuary in the United States.

Join me; I am on a Protect your Watershed crusade; no matter where you live you are in a watershed! I say learn about yours, where is it, adopt it, keep it healthy, safeguard and restore it; in fact start-up your own community Watershed Cleanup Day. Remember, “What happens above a watershed stays in the watershed.” Tell others to do the same.

A paw’s worth of education; what is a watershed? It’s the area that drains to a shared waterway; maybe a stream or lake, estuary, wetland, aquifer, or the ocean. The EPA says “a watershed is the area of land where all of the water that is under it or drains off of it goes into the same place. Watersheds come in all shapes and sizes, they cross county, state, and national boundaries. In the continental US, there are 2,110 watersheds; including Hawaii Alaska, and Puerto Rico, there are 2,267 watersheds.”

Here comes a stark truth. You care about the earth and are taking “greener” actions or so you say. Look how other people are making giant steps backwards with rubbishes in the river. This CNN article was sent to me by a Doggone Green Crusader and pet partner near the Mississippi River; Meet Me at the River. Get involved? Check out the Living Lands & Waters website; meet Chad Pregracke who is making a difference at

Cedar Dog, Happy Earth Day
Link in, sign up to help.
Get the answers about the beginning of earth day, and my eco-agenda.

Note: to those who wonder, yes I am a Chesapeake Bay retriever.

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At fifteen, taking action and teaching; for this dog it is all about being sustainable & reminding others to do the same!

Today, April 1, Cedar Dog is 15 years old, well and in retirement. On occasion she appears at special events or at her college, Pets Gone Green University (PGGU). This girl’s 2011 and 2012 paw-suit was the founding of PGGU, a place for pets and their people to learn the fundamentals of greening your four-leggeds. That is learning how pets impact the earth, and how “their humans” influence their pet’s health. Her teachings focus on taking action and persuading others to do the same. In Cedar’s words, “If you don’t act, what are you doing? What are you waiting for? Who will you tell, and when?”

Cedar is an author and a pet therapy dog. In 2008 & 2009, she and her transcriber Kathy Deitsch wrote two books that teach pets and their people to shrink their carbon paw and footprints.

The strong-minded Chesapeake Bay retriever serves as Dean of the College for Sustainable Behaviors. Her research and expertise are on Poop-to-Power projects/Emerging Technologies and Eco-Solutions for a Pet’s Daily Life©. Cedar Dog for Mayor™ raises money for animal and Eco-causes and works everywhere to build sustainable communities.

Check out her latest article in Mile High Natural Awakenings Magazine, page 20, April 2013 digital & print editions, Have Your Pets Gone Green?

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Okay, you care about the earth and you are taking “greener” actions. Maybe you are recycling, composting household organic waste, you purchase products made of recycled materials or you began growing some of your own food. Are you aware of Cedar’s 5-point eco-agenda?
You care about your 4-leggeds; but then again do you know all of the Ways YOU impact their health? Knowing HOW YOU impact your pet’s health and What You Can Do about it is essential.
First, we teach a PETSAVER ™ EMERGENCY CPR, FIRST AID course. Included in that workshop is a “snout to tail” assessment. Responsible, loving pet parents should know their pet’s health. The learned skill is a monthly maintenance practice; you are looking for any injuries your pet has not presented to you and you are creating a base-line awareness of your pet’s health. Consider it wellness exercises, not unlike you do for yourself.
You will also learn other valuable hands-on skills; how to restrain and muzzle your pet, knowing that if your furry one is in pain or will be moved into pain, she can and will bite. How do you assess your pet’s vitals? If you already know what is standard for your pet you can act quickly if your pet is presenting something unusual. What about choking management?
Why is this important you ask? Let me explain. My Chesapeake Bay retriever brother Ernie (who is now 5 years and a couple of months old) has “set off” several huge learning curves in our family. In his early years his lack of “sense” was frightening; it seemed he always knew how to get attention while terrifying all of us. He has swallowed a number of objects, the worst of which (not just once but several times) were women’s knee high hose. We are not talking socks here, rather everyday sheer beige hosiery. For some bizarre reason, no matter how careful we were, he would “sniff them out” and after a good chew swallow them. After the first incident, we set on a path to know First Aid for Pets. While there are a number of other “rather frightening exploits” with Ernie and other pets in our care as pet sitters, suffice it to say, all have survived, including Ernie.
To be really clear; this class is in no way a substitute for emergency veterinary care; you do need to know how to respond in an emergency. In some areas more businesses and vet offices are offering 911 services for pets. Having said that, look into those services in advance, have your veterinarian contact info near-by and easy to find and make it your job to know what to do in a crisis. There is no substitute for know-how!
So the question is; are you prepared to act in an emergency for your best friend? According to the American Animal Hospital Association, 1 out of 4 pets would survive if just one pet first aid technique was applied prior to getting emergency veterinary care. Pets are members of the family, your best friends and your life long companions; you would do anything to help them, Right?

Attend the next course, Saturday, June 22, 2013 in Wheat Ridge, CO. Better yet, register by phone now or at the website.

Rally-Round Cedar’s Crusade; Know YOUR PET’S Impact on the Earth; Know HOW YOU Impact Your Pet’s Health; What are YOU DOING about it; share your new info with two other people; have them do the same. Help Cedar Launch April (and every month) Green Your Pet Month; know her Five Eco-Solutions for a Pets Daily Life?

Got questions: Email or phone 303 274 4930
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Mom and I

I wrote in my books “animals are straightforward; we are always in the moment, we offer unconditional love and devotion, we are totally forgiving.” It doesn’t get any better than that, now does it?

Mom and I were sent this video today; we thought we should share it.

Cedar Dog

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Credit Julie Larsen Maher ©WCS

When was the last time your VOTE actually counted or made a difference? Well here you go, take this opportunity to VOTE now. As you will see, “The bison is an icon and clearly qualified to join the bald eagle as representation of the United States.”Help me make this happen! VOTE Bison, Vote NOW! Tell Others to Do the Same!

Cedar Dog

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It’s been named the National Bison Legacy Act.

Interestingly, last Friday, May 25th, 2012, I was sitting and looking out over the great plains of the west, in Wyoming to be exact. I could see both bison and wind turbines in the distance. When I heard the news, I asked Mom what all the hullaballoo was about, bison being elevated to a position of prominence. She explained a campaign had burst forth to Vote Bison!

So here it is, your chance to send your Senators the message; it’s time to select this incredible animal to join the bald eagle as a symbol of the United States. Seems numerous Western lawmakers want to make the wild Plains bison more notable, a no-brainy to me. If you have concerns, no one is extending “special rights” to this epic species, no new protections, just added national prestige. Honestly, I believe these icons of America deserve more.

To be clear, we are talking wild bison, today estimated at about 20,000 in North America; it is likely about another half million exist in commercial herds. At the peak of the North American bison’s presence, nearly sixty million tramped from Mexico to Canada. When Teddy Roosevelt was prez (he was a devoted hunter and preservationist), he got involved to save the “mighty” species from destruction. In the early 1900’s seems only about a thousand remained, they had been hunted to nearly extinction. Are you shocked? The bison have been described as the “thunder of the plains;” pin your ears back (scroll down a bit) for this sound bite.

In my neck of the woods, just west of Denver lives a herd of bison; they belong to the City and County of Denver. They are (according to the Jefferson County historical commission report) “descendants of 7 of the remaining wild animals found in Yellowstone National Park in 1914.” So when I need my bison-fix this is where we go, photo below.

Ah, don’t forget, Vote Bison!

Photo Credit D. Raso

Baby Bison Denver Herd; Photo Credit D. Raso

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