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Doggone Green Cedar’s first book, Doggone Green (left) shows the way; how pets can reduce their carbon paw-print. Doggone Clean and Green: Eco-Solutions for a Pet’s Daily Life (right) is an activity book for kids featuring Cedar woofing with little brother, Pup Ernie on the ABC’s of sustainability. Their wit is fun and educational. Eco-Solutions for a Pet’s Daily Life

Cedar’s books are written in first dog; laid-back with a howl of humor.

Cedar Dog

Cedar Dog employed her Mom as transcriber and artist Vickie Leigh Krudwig to add plenty of entertaining illustrations in both books.

Pup ErniePup Ernie and Cedar share their dog-eared wisdom; Cedar knows that being green begins with each of us; two-legged or four. Everyone can make a difference, you just have to start! Together the two pooches present valuable eco-solutions for pets and their people.

It is a child’s guide to raising happy, healthy and eco-savvy pets; appropriate for second thru fifth grades.

Support for Cedar’s Books

“Doggone Clean and Green: Eco-Solutions for a Pet’s Daily Life is an exceptional book, in fact it wags its tail at you and gets your attention. Cedar and Ernie have stepped forward to share that we are all connected to the great web of life, which is the interconnection of every living plant, mineral, animal, the winged birds of the sky and human beings. Cedar and Ernie have much to each us.”

—Dr. Patty Luckenbach, Author of The Kingdom of Heart, a pet loss journal.

“Doggone Green: A Call to Action to Save Our Earth is chocked-full of great pet care info that teaches you how to be a fabulous guardian to your dogs and cats as well as a responsible steward of Mother Earth. Cedar and Kathy show us that making healthy choices for our companions and our planet has never been so fun and rewarding!”

—Kate Solisti, Internationally known animal communicator, author, educator, and expert in dog and car nutrition.

Get the Books!

“It All Starts in Your Own Backyard”
Combo Pack Special, both books for $12.95 (includes FREE “snail” mail shipping).

Buy the Books Separately

Order Cedar’s first book, Doggone Green: A Call to Action to Save Our EarthOnly $12.95 (plus S&H).

Fetch a copy of  Doggone Clean & Green: Eco-Solutions for a Pet’s Daily Life Only $6.95 (plus S&H).

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