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Doggone Green – Chapter One


The earth matters to me. When my paws pat the soil, I take in

its energy. Sometimes this makes me act silly and playful, and then

I run as fast as my legs will carry me. Other times, I tip myself over

and wiggle in the grass, and it rubs my back. This feels yummy!

Every so often, I park myself in the middle of a daffodil patch.

The flowers smell good enough to eat, but I don’t eat them ’cause

they’re poisonous. I lie very still, my legs stretched toward the sky,

and the sun warms my pads and tummy. I listen to the sounds of life around me.

Sometimes I fall asleep, and then when I wake up my whole body feels toasty.

I’m part of the natural world of water, air, dirt, plants, trees, animals, and bugs. I’m also

part of the life force shared by all living things.

When I honor this force I feel balanced. Yes, I am part of the natural world. We all are.

Am I passionate about taking care of our earth? You bet I am! I would like all of us to

become better stewards of the earth and its creatures. The earth’s health and my own are

interconnected. That’s why I am writing this book. I want to show pets ‘n their people how

easy it is to go Doggone Green.

“For the children and the flowers are my sisters and my brothers.

Their laughter and their loveliness could clear a cloudy day.”

John Denver, “Rhymes and Reasons”

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