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It is a very, very cold day here today, my paws and snout are icy from  outdoor visits, but this is news that warms my heart. A most unique and intuitive soul will be featuring her fine art in my town of Wheat Ridge, Colorado on Friday, February 4, 2011. Vickie Krudwig did the amazing illustrations in my books. She describes her art as follows:

                   “I use spiritual meditations, non-linear narratives, vivid colors, illumination, and ancient images as patterns. My modern abstract paintings encourage viewers to voyage through the world of birds, angels, and prayerful meditations and poetry from around the world.”

For the record, I describe her art (in my books) as nothing short of stupendous. She and Mom took “my images” and cast them into “words and drawings” that tell a story of my passion for the earth. The header of this blog is an example of her work in my books.

Do you know how your pet impacts the earth and how you impact your pet’s health; what you are going to do about it and who are you going to tell? We discuss the choices pet parents have in caring for the environment and our health. It is not complicated, take my word for it; this is something you need to know and you will want to do. In fact, it is fun.

I urge you to pick up copies of my books, Ernie by brother and I co-authored the second book for kids in 2009, Doggone Clean and Green: Eco-Solutions for a Pet’s Daily Life (see my online special). Also, check out my NEW Pets Gone Green University  for a list of courses we teach. After that go to Vickie’s reception Friday evening February 4. You will be glad you did, I guarantee it.


Vickie Leigh Krudwig         
Artist Reception, Friday, February 4th, 2011
6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

at the Elements Art Gallery, Anthony M’s Visions in Gold

6789 West 44th Avenue – Wheat Ridge, Colorado 80033

Phone (303) 424-1881

Woofs, Cedar Dog for Mayor

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Four-Legged Mayoral Candidate Fetches Ground-Breaking Pooch Training Center to Locate in Wheat Ridge, Colorado  

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, Friday, January 7, 2011; Time: 6:00 pm 8:00 pm. Location: 12200 West 52nd Ave #6, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033  

Cedar Dog for Mayor™, a twelve-year old Chesapeake Bay retriever, author, and pet therapy dog announced today that a new business is opening in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. The curly-coated canine will introduce the new pooch-training center to the community on Friday, January 7, 2011.
Wheat Ridge Mayor, Jerry DiTullio will join Cedar Dog for the center’s official ribbon cutting ceremony.

Cedar Dog & Wheat Ridge Mayor Jerry DiTullio

Cedar and her brother Ernie Dog were both involved in “scouting-out” and encouraging the K9Nose Work training facility and the inventive “animal learning and discovery center” to locate in Wheat Ridge. The canine, speaking through her transcriber said, “Bringing business to our city is a part of my community-building efforts.”

The center’s mission is broad. Dana Zinn, the facility principal, has established in Colorado the sport of K9 Nose Work. The activity teaches dogs to use their nose to find a specific scent or odor on cue, and then let the handler know they have found it. This new urban sport taps into a dog’s instinctive ability to hunt using its nose and dogs naturally enjoy doing it. Zinn said, “It is exciting to bring K9 Nose Work to the city of Wheat Ridge, and to be able to offer a variety of resources to the community. Zinn’s goal is simple, “I want to improve the relationships between owners and their pets through education and fun.”

Colorado Paws is a professional group of animal care specialists who have linked-up to offer pets and their companions a diverse education and training class line up; Baking Healthy Treats, Canine Colors, Canine Massage, Compassion Fatigue, Experiential Dog Training classes, Pet Loss and Grief Support, Pet Tech First Aid and K9 Nose Work to name a few.

Cedar Dog for Mayor is also launching her latest initiative, Pets Gone Green University™ at the new facility. The Spring Semester offerings include two-FREE classes, Knowing Your Pet’s Impact on the Earth and Knowing Your Pet’s Health. The Pet Food course—What is in Your Pet’s Lunchbox—is sure to be all the rage.

Cedar will be joined at the grand opening event by her transcriber Kathy Deitsch; Dana Zinn, Zinn Dog Training; Lisa Faust, A New Way to Life Pet Sitting, Pet Tech First Aid & Canine Colors certified instructor; Troy Mills,   A Guy and a Leash Dog Training; and Shelley Sheets, Heart to Heart Healing, animal massage therapist, pet loss and grief support counselor 

 Zinn Training Facility, K9 Nose Work
About Colorado Paws
PetsGoneGreen University, Spring Semester Classes

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More often than not Mom reads articles and posts to me early in the morning. I  paw-through them and together we settle on what we plan to share, woof more about or ignore. It is something I have learned to do in running for Mayor.

You see I believe pets and their people want information and they expect a mayoral choice to have knowledge, be a teacher and a community leader.  After all being Mayor is about making a better life for the animals in our neighborhoods and improving the lives of our people.

Cedar Dog for Mayor

We thought this Wall Street Journal Sunday Love & Money opinion piece by Jeff Opdyke deserves your attention. I say it is ugly in the beginning but he comes to the right conclusion. The great part too, he reviews things would-be pet parents and kids should think about before heading out to the local shelter or rescue to adopt one of us.

So, enjoy! It is a good read. Remember too that we are great teachers of enthusiasm, forgiveness, unconditional love, and affection. The secret, you will need to learn  to be still and listen. We are so worth it and it might even soften your rough edges.

Have a paws-itively awesome 2011 and always choose to be greener.

Woofs, Cedar Dog

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As a dog in the course of animal and human events, I stand for champions, two-leggeds, and often special four-leggeds who serve and work tirelessly everyday to benefit lives.

I remind “pets everywhere” the importance of “celebrating our humans.” We need two-legged backing to make projects for animals work. In Jefferson County Colorado, humans have championed parks for dogs, built the new Foothills Animal Shelter, and have passed laws to ensure that “pets and their people” have safer communities. Today, I add a human’s name to the hall of fame, Jeffco County Commish, Kathy Hartman.

Sunday, September 26, 2010, I invite you to join me at my booth in Arvada, Colorado at the Off-leash Dog Park Festival. At 10:30am, I will make the announcement and endorse a champion for animals and their people; I have a “nose” for picking winners, which is why I will give Jefferson County Commissioner candidate Kathy Hartman’s re-election bid my “paws-up!

As a Doggone Green Crusader and candidate for mayor, one of my missions is to help end animal homelessness and abuse; a big part of that is supporting shelters, which I dub “recycled love zones.” A shelter’s job is to look after and find “forever homes” for down-and-out pets. Too often, economic woes mean bad times for the animals. These days more and more two-leggeds find they can no longer afford the cost of keeping us or worse pets are given up for adoption or abandoned when their pet parents lose homes to foreclosure or eviction. Shelter populations are on the rise; it is worse for cats.

Mom and I trekked out to visit Jefferson County Commissioner Kathy Hartman in late 2008 regarding the new-fangled (and badly needed) Foothills Animal Shelter. I had asked Mom to set an appointment because I was fed up. This dilly-dally of approving a new animal shelter had gone on way too long. I said the animals were being short-changed. I wanted to know what the hold-up was and what we could do to move the new animal shelter project forward. I was being “paw-litical” which I urge every one of you to do too.

What you need to know is that “Hartman’s doggedness” was a big part of making the NEW Foothills Animal Shelter a reality. She has personally contributed to my crusade to raise money to build the shelter and urged others to do the same. “Hartman gets partnership, the importance of humans and animals working side-by-side on issues of high importance to all animals.”

The Cedar Dog for Mayor Campaign is working to raise funds for the NEW Foothills Animal Shelter Foundation. Cast your vote for me and my feline running mate Hillary at Cedar for Mayor.  I am working with Commish  Hartman and her dog Clover to truly make a difference and get “paw-litical for the animals.”  A vote cast with every $1 donation to my campaign goes to the shelter fund.   

About Cedar Dog for Mayor 

I am the author of two books, Doggone Green, and the sequel Doggone Green and Clean, which provide environmental tips and solutions for pets and their people. My books rock, they have humor and are entertaining. I work as a pet therapy dog, blogger, and make public appearances to promote my environmental agenda as a candidate for mayor. I am a rescue dog. My transcriber is my Mom, Kathy Deitsch. 

About The New Foothills Animal Shelter

The new shelter is an open-admissions facility – never turning an animal away.  It opened in August 2010 and sits on three acres of land at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. The facility is approximately 30,000 square feet in a single story building. Cedar’s fundraising campaign ends on December 31, 2010 at which time she will move on in service to other animal fundraising causes.  

About Kathy Hartman, Jefferson County Commissioner

For the last 25 years Kathy Hartman has been working to make Jefferson County a great place to live, work and enjoy. Prior to becoming County Commissioner, Hartman helped Jeffco families as the Director of Stride, a nonprofit that helps families move from welfare to work. Hartman also taught investment classes utilizing her background as a stockbroker and her MBA. As a former Open Space volunteer Hartman cultivated a love for the beauty of Jeffco’s mountain backdrop and environment. Kathy lives with her husband, Bill, a small business owner in Littleton with their two dogs. As County Commissioner, Hartman has made an open and accountable county government, protecting jobs in the county and expanding open space priorities. See Hartman on Facebook.

About the Festival at the West Arvada Dog Park
Time: 10am – 4pm, Sunday September 26, 2010
17975 West 64th Parkway, Arvada, CO, 80007

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I am a decisive candidate, a value I bring to the campaign for Mayor. A couple of weeks ago I announced my choice of running mate, my feline sister Hillary who brings an extra set of “paws on the ground” next to mine. It strengthens my candidacy, as Hillary is a doggone good choice; she is smart, in charge and adorable. She is all the rage, she will swing votes our way; she brings balance to the mayoral ticket. She is everything you would want in a Mayor, a trusted guide and in the event I am away, visiting out-of-state or internationally, she will be here to serve.  

The details of the second-in-command’s jobs are being paws-tiviely studied. Trust me; this is not your mama’s crusade. As a team, we have our snouts on the ground; we hear the purrs and woofs of America’s pets. Hillary’s whisker antennas are highly sensitive; they keep her “on top” of things. In fact, our whiskers read our surroundings like feeling air pressures and currents and sensing vibrations. We believe that gives us a paws-up; we trust our connections to nature, truth, and higher powers. Our superb team will press forward with a new paw-litical direction for America’s four-leggeds. We will “leave no paws behind.”

 This last week Hillary took over in my absence at pet therapy and she made some presentations to supporters. Hillary’s best work is in uncovering truth, lacking in most campaigns these days. I have to say human campaigns have wacky sounding names (and ideas). I mention a few like “blue dogs, yellow dogs, tea and coffee parties, watermelon, constitution, green, independent, and libertarian” parties. Just be clear, “Hill” and I are the “real deal.” We do not act as if, we are ourselves; teaching what we do best through our deeds, not words, of unconditional love, and forgiveness. If ever there was a time for four-legs and a tail, it is now! Stay tuned for more on a pet’s agenda for America’s 4-leggeds!  Woofs, Cedar Dog

Cedar for Mayor™
Hillary for Deputy Mayor It is Time for 4-Legs and a Tail.
One Dollar
Buys One Vote.
Stack the Ballot Box
for the Animals.
VOTE Early, VOTE  Often, VOTE  Here,  NOW!

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Cedar Dog for Mayor here.  To my doggone way of thinking political attack ads don’t cut it with me. I have 4-legs-and-a-tail and feel better grounded for it. Huuumans on the other hand “make things really hard and difficult.”

A great example are political races; huuumans treatment of each other is downright ugly. I stand for a fair and even playing field. Either you have what it takes to win or you do not. The rules in the “lot” need to be fair for all. You need never be defaming or mean, you certainly do not “egg on” others to do nasty ads on your behalf, and you dissuade them if a group thinks it is a good idea. A morsel for thought; in a dog’s world, there is always a leader and the leader leads!

By now, you know I am a Chesapeake Bay retriever, a serious dog, a powerful retriever with a strong personality and possessed of quiet good sense. I am a bark-a-lot. Even I know that a negative ad is disagreeable and ugly. They have no place in my paw-litical life.

What’s worse, when huuumans use a dog, families and kids in photos or print other emotionalized references to take the “edge off” a negative ad or to “lighten the tone,” it is trashy. This sort of human politickin’ makes me want to snarl.

Timing is everything. Mailing this nonsense when it is too late for a response leads to bad government and there ought to be a ruling to stop it cuz it is downright disrespectful to voters. Oh, I know Mom explained to me about “regulating public speech.” That topic is for another day!

Solution; to me this is all quite simple. It does not matter which side uses negative ads or other dirty tactics; they are all nasty! If it is your candidate or the opposing one, tell them what you think! Snarl if need be, get your point across.

Unhappily, expecting anything better is unlikely, as huuuman politicians seem to enjoy weak and ineffective rules around campaign activity. The average citizen and I want a change.

My final point, is it any wonder two-leggeds tell me everyday that it is time for 4-legs-and-a-tail. Have you voted for me yet? I am honest enough to tell you, One Dollar equals One Vote; Vote early, Vote often! It is Cedar Dog for Mayor.  

See a sample ad on FaceBook Fan page


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Mom and I came across the coolest (no pun intended) campaign today. Thought we would share it as it is a matter of highest importance. It’s called “Don’t leave me in here, it’s hot” campaign.

As a bit of background, I wrote in my first book, Doggone Green: A Call to Action to Save Our Earth a chapter on avoiding doggie danger in the great outdoors. It was on “overheating.” I explained that “warm weather dangers prevent me from running as many errands with Mom as usual; meaning I have to stay home in the warmer months so as to stay safe and cool. It’s my nature to want to ‘go’ and keep her company (as we have a lot to woof about) as well as keep her safe. I have had to listen and ‘stay’ home ever so reluctantly.”

According to United Animal Nations (UAN) “in the last two weeks alone:

  • A 14-year-old Golden retriever named Delta died in the car while her owner shopped at Costco on a 104-degree day in Frederick, Maryland.
  • In New York, a six-pound Maltese died in a 140-degree car while his owner went for a swim in a state park.
  • A Wisconsin woman left her pit bull in her car at Wal-Mart while she attended a court matter. Police broke the car window and tried to save the dog, but he died at the scene.”

Bottom line, pass the word along; it gets hot in a car on a warm day. It can be just doggone dangerous. So better do as I do and just rest in the cool house under the ceiling fan and wait for a cooler day. 

Check out  My Dog Is Cool There are down-loadable posters, fliers and all kinds of helpful educational stuff.  

The UAN was founded in 1987. They focus on “bringing animals out of crisis and strengthening the bond between people and animals through a variety of programs, including emergency sheltering, disaster relief services, financial assistance and education.”

If you haven’t VOTED for me yet I need your support. Click the VOTE button (at the right)  and learn about my paw-litical work.

Woofs, Cedar Dog
Denver Green Pets Examiner

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I sent moms to the Edgewater fireworks on Saturday night. Don’t tell them but I called ahead and woofed to my buds that they needed a parking spot (there were thousands down there celebrating and I wanted to make sure they were safe since I wasn’t along). I soon got a call from a good bud of mine on the planning commission who issued them VID (Very Important Dog) status in his driveway. How cool is that? I am sending him a special card and my soon to be released (compostable) doggie poop bags for he and his 4-legged.

This is the fun part of the story. Moms came home and were quick to tell me how one of my buds on the Edgewater planning commission had seen the signs on our van (VOTE Cedar Dog for Mayor) and ushered them right into his driveway. They were speechless (by the way, that doesn’t happen often, speechless I mean). I didn’t woof a thing; just gave a huge doggie-grin and told them it just shows how cool it is when a dog runs for Mayor. It’s time for 4-legs and a tail, I said; people are ready.

People are asking and I’m kicking it up. Here is the scoop, post-4th of July action. VOTE for me if you have not (vote again if you have already), it’s really time for Cedar Dog for Mayor! Click on the VOTE button where you will find my banner. Click on it and contribute to the new Jefferson County shelter, Foothills Animal Shelter that replaces the old Table Mountain Animal Center. Grand opening is late in August.

On my website, you can watch the three Jefferson county commissioners endorse me, Cedar Dog for Mayor. One Dollar Equals One Vote, Vote Early, Vote Often! I will be holding some contests and other fun things I’m cookin’ up, stay tuned. Remember it’s Cedar Dog for Mayor!



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If you don’t know me, here’s the “scooooop.” I’m a dog on a mission, a Doggone Green Crusader mission. My name is Cedar Dog and this is the deal. Pets, especially dogs and cats, have a huge impact on the earth. The humans don’t seem to get it. With some 77 million dogs and 88 million cats, that’s a lot of carbon paw-prints.

My eco-work began in 2006, in my own backyard, so to speak. We began by cleaning-up my “own business.” We made sure we picked up the poop on our walks and in our yard; used more eco-friendly products and reduced our residential waste stream by three-quarters. Today, we compost and this year started our own garden. I taught my family to reduce, recycle, and reuse and then we set in motion a plan to let the neighbors know. You see, I want my neighborhood to be a place where pets and their people most want to live.

Along with the 3 R’s I’ve added a 4th, retool. What’s that you ask; it’s learning new habits, thinking about purchases before you make them, being a think eco-first kind of creature be it human or animal? It’s about up cycling and using imagination to make a difference.

Then it was time to broaden my eco-activism. I wanted to widen my circle. I wrote a couple of books, so pets and their people had a reference of what to do and how to get it done. My books are intended to encourage change, to end the way you’ve been doing all things non-eco. My mantra: Go Green, Live Healthier and Bark about it.

Now, I’m setting off on another milestone, it’s time to do more; to serve and empower others to do the same. Some days we need to break from the pack and go for it. If that’s sounds like you please join me because I’m Running for Mayor for everywhere and anywhere and, here’s why.

Remind candidates everywhere to focus on the environment

Reduce your pet’s impact on the earth

Raise money for the animals; homeless animals are a part of any pet-friendly eco-agenda

My campaign needs one and all, animals and humans alike. We can make a difference. Since I’m a dog, it is easier for me to keep it simple; bear in mind simple isn’t without effort. The subtitle of my second book ( a children’s book) says it all; Doggone Clean and Green: Eco-Solutions for a Pet’s Daily Life. We’ve got big work to do to change the world, so let’s get started. There is not another moment to waste.

Sign up to join me on this crusade and Vote CedarforMayor at the vote button on this page. You can buy my books and a portion of the proceeds will go to the shelter project in my own backyard.

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