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I had Mom post our discussion on shellacked dog waste? Check it out at

We wrote it because we’ve been challenged this winter with the ice cold weather and snow. We researched some ideas a couple of weeks ago and tried a few of them. By gosh they helped. Let us know what you think.

Ah, warmer weather this week, opportunity to scoop and clean up the yard. Of course if you don’t like the work you can always hire a scooper pooper service. Found a scooper biz yesterday that has an awesome video, what a hoot!

Oh, in case you are wondering, that’s my brother Ernie on the front loader in the Examiner article! Cute isn’t he? I do worry about his driving skills cuz he has huge challenges staying focused. He hates my saying this but he is still sooooo puppy; his birthday is in ten days. He’ll be three.

Woofs, Cedar Dog for Mayor

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