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Cedar Dog Was the Founder of Pets Gone Green University. Are You Prepared to Act for Your OWN Best 4-Legged Friend? Have you ever witnessed a cat or dog hit by a car with a pet parent running hysterically to aid their furry one and seeing them nearly hit as well? Fact is they were most likely leading with their heart. Pet Tech’s eight-hour PetSaver™ course will teach you to be effective; leading with your head, using your hands with awareness, acting appropriately. Pet first aid is the immediate care given to a pet injured or ill. Have you asked yourself, am I prepared... [Read more]

There is a 3-Day Instructor Training in Columbus, Ohio-September 10-12, 2022 For class Information & Sign UpGo to You have any questions Call Instructor Lisa Faust 419 953 3256 or email her  / Informational Note: We just held an August 20th course in Pittsburgh and concluded it on August 22, 2022.    Read More →

Kathy Deitsch, Cedar Dog, Lisa Faust On May 22, 2014 our working life changed bigtime. It was then the incredible CEDAR DOG passed away at 11:30 am. Truth is, Dog, Cat and People growing older is a subject we share everywhere–all over the earth. Our pooch’s LOVE was for sure a mainstay. Love warms our hearts, soothes pain and offers amazing times. Then our family’s canine companion was 16 years of age. She personified kindnesses; unconditional love, forgiveness, and loyalty. She always stood out! The first half of her life was spent calming down from the cruelty... [Read more]

*What is Your Pet’s Impact on the Earth? What is Your Impact on Your Pet’s Health (and your own)? What are You Gonna Do About It? Who Will You Tell? *The first Earth Day on April 22, 1970, activated 20 million Americans; it is widely credited with Launching & Learning about the modern environmental movement. Here is YOUR read–for NOWADAYS (today in history) READ THIS! It’s Pets and Their People and “In Paws We Trust” Cedar Dogs  Eco-Agenda, Five-to-Do’s *End Pet Homelessness *Doo-Doo: Canines... [Read more]

Cedar Dog, Earth Day     Here I am, reveling in Earth Day. It’s my daffodil patch! Believe me, it gets no better or simpler than this.  Read More →

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