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Echoes of Doggedness, Earth Day for an Eco-Dog: What is Your Pet’s Impact on the Earth? What is Your Impact on Your Pet’s Health (and your own)? What are You Gonna Do About It? Who Will You Tell? Cedar Dogs  Eco-Agenda, Five-to-Do’s  End Pet Homelessness Doo-Doo: Canines and their humans; Stoop to Scoop Felines and their humans; no more clay-based litters You are what you eat Rid toxic exposures Be sustainable in all that you do  Read More →

In her closing weeks of life here in Ohio, Cedar Dog continued to give her love despite the tolls of aging which her body could no longer overcome. Love was her pillar; her love warms our hearts and soothes the pain we feel in her loss. She was an amazing dog. It has taken our clan a month to write and share this blog to notify her friends and family worldwide of her passing on May 22nd, 2014 at 11:30 am. After 16 years and two months we are sure you will understand that losing a dog so rich in character is not easy! Cedar personified the gifts our 4-leggeds give freely;... [Read more]

Cedar Dog, Earth Day     Here I am, reveling in Earth Day. It’s my daffodil patch! Believe me, it gets no better or simpler than this.  Read More →

“Plop, smack dab in the middle of the daffodil patch; yep poisonous if I eat them, moreover peaceful as I lie there with my paws reaching to the sky, scratching my back against the earth.” Cedar Dog I am a persuasive pooch cause’ I have confidential info, I know pets “rule” in your life! As a dog, I concede my bias around our gifts; “We are straightforward, always in the moment, we love unconditionally, we are totally loyal!”  That’s why I wrote Doggone Green, A Call to Action to Save Our Earth in 2008. As doggone green crusaders I KNOW we can help... [Read more]

Cedar Dog What a ride; my years on earth remain remarkable. Books written, causes driven and the best part, I’m hummin’. In coming weeks and throughout April, I’ll put “paw to paper” and bring some fresh gen to chew over, woof on about and inspire your environ family to act on. Stand ready to create new yaps online, in your backyard and at the park. Also during April we will reminisce with Doggone Green news from Earth Days past; it was exciting, she made a difference, together we’ll jog your memory and bring forward eco- actions for today’s times. I... [Read more]

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