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Hillary cat in Chicago Hillary cat here, to those who know me, I have “spunk and attitude.” Cedar dog asked me to write a blog ‘cos I am one troubled feline. I think cats get a bad rap! Yesterday on TV, two pieces showed up. First thingie, Monday March 10th, Good Morning America (GMA, a program I don’t usually watch & now I know why) segment was on brushing your pet’s teeth. Now don’t misunderstand I love my pooch bro and “big sis” big-time and they always get TV attention and phone calls and chatter about their lives.... [Read more]

Mom and I had a message from a pal and her pooch a while back; her uneasiness, forgotten heroines. It turns out to be the incredible story of Irena Sendler and her dog. When we read this story we strained to imagine how Irena’s work took place each day; electing to put her and her companion animal in danger to support her WHY in the world. “Every child saved with my help is the justification of my existence on this Earth, and not a title to Glory.” (Irena Sendler in her own words, photo to right is Irena in 2005) Sendler was a Polish social worker who conceived... [Read more]

Sochi, Russia  authorized a revolting practice; the genocide of stray dogs/cats.  As a dog myself, I can’t get my muzzle around these stories coming out of Sochi, where the winter Olympic games will begin in a few days. Stray animals being exterminated to guarantee the safety of visitors and improve Sochi’s image to the global community? Russia has spent fifty-one billion dollars to ready for the 2014 Winter Olympics with the intent of marketing a “new Russia?” The slaughter of down-and-out animals is sanctioned in the “new Russia?” Reports from the region... [Read more]

Seriously enjoying Super Bowl DayCedar Dog        Read More →

Cedar and Kathy Deitsch Cedar Dog here; Mom’s back from Climate Leadership Training, Chicago. The 3-day gathering tackled the climate crisis head-on; taught by Climate Reality Honcho, former Vice-President Al Gore and his team of “bright sparks.” Worldwide, there are now 6,000 trained Climate Leaders in more than 100 countries and all 50 states. The work, educate on climate truth with acts of leadership, engaging and empowering people to build networks of reality, all the while inspiring solutions and action in local communities on climate change. So what... [Read more]

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