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Rants and Raves for Cedar’s Book

Doggone Green
A Call to Action to Save Our Earth

By Cedar Dog
Transcribed by Kathy Deitsch

The mirthful illustrations of me on the job were done by award-winning children’s author and illustrator, Vickie Leigh Krudwig

A Note from Cedar…

It’s not every day a dog writes a book. By now, you know I am passionate about caring for the earth; its health and my own are interconnected. I want to show pets ‘n their people just how simple it is to go Doggone Green.
Join my Doggone Green Crusade and let’s make the planet smile.

Thanks to the many readers who have written me about the book. I have included some of their comments below.

WHAT A WAKE-UP CALL! After reading Cedar’s book there were so many things I never realized were going on with our environment. It was an enjoyable book to read. To see our world through an animal’s eyes and what the human race is doing to itself is very scary. You must read this book, it will open your eyes and make you laugh even bring a tear to your eyes. Thank you Cedar — Ellen Dunlap

A Librarian writes:

A doggone good book! Full of facts on pets: adoption, food, poop disposal and more. And, it’s fun to boot! Cedar tells us why being green is necessary: not only for our pets well being but for the health of our families and the world environment. This is for everyone who has a pet, wants a pet, or knows someone who has a pet.

— Betty Brittingham

You’re a Doggone Smart Dog, Cedar. –Foxy, your pal, neighbor and admirer

This is the best “poop primer” for pets I’ve read. You go Cedar. It’s about time a dog talks about our doo. — Petie

Listen up readers, Cedar is struttin’ her stuff. My mom read your book to me! I asked her to write something for raves and reviews. Georgia the cat & Denise

I like reading books that dogs and cats write. It makes me laugh and rollover. We signed up as Doggone Crusaders.Ralph and Chip-shot, New Doggone Green Pooches

This book is hysterical and full of Doggone Good insight. I am a cat and I believe cats have all the wisdom but Cedar may change my mind. My favorite Cedarism, “If your cat doesn’t like its litter box, it may take its business elsewhere.”Miller, your feline brother

Oh, my if you aren’t a hoot! I bought your book at the Colorado Pet Expo. I’ve read it to all of my pets and grand puppies. My neighbor’s children are coloring the illustrations, what fun. Marge

— Pat, a teacher in Illinois writes:

It’s kind of funny…my dog’s name is Cedar too. She’s a Bernese Mountain dog and is about 5 years old and is the love of our family. Anyway, I found your book doing a google search (I don’t remember specifically what I put in) relating to pet care, sustainability, respect. I’m a 4th grade teacher and am the group facilitator for a Jane Goodall Roots & Shoots after school environmental and humanitarian program. Children in grades 3 through 5 participate and this will be our 7th or 8th year coming up. It’s a very active group (some years we’ve had 50 kids in the program) that focuses on service projects in regard to care for the earth, the animals and the environment. I’m also on the district’s ad hoc green committee that is looking at how to green our district and I’ve been participating in the Evanston Climate Action Committee that is looking at creating a sustainable city/community. So. all of that wasn’t to share my committee/education work but what’s going on is a real impetus for movement toward sustainability. People within the schools, district, and community are joining hands to make this a do-able endeavor for a long time to come. We can’t wait for government to legislate change. One of the outcomes and recommendations that came out of the district’s committee and the city’s committee is to work on education and communication across all areas in the community. So, one of our district’s summer curriculum projects is to integrate sustainability lessons across the science units. One of the areas that emerged as fundamental is respect for all life form….including not just “endangered animals” who kids tend to learn more about, but how to care for our own pets. I was trying to connect eco-friendly and pet care…including what to do with what comes out (of our pets!) And THAT is how I found you!! Whew!!!

Cedar, your book makes me proud I’m a Dog! — Oscar

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