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Hillary, Cedar Dog and their moms

Cedar for Mayor here. “Hill” my feline running mate and I follow Caturday blog (scroll down to see the tortoiseshell cat under today’s date, November 7, 2010). Read this post on Carmina, the Cathedral Cat. It gave us an idea; maybe the family cat, dog, or both could help supplemnt the family income. Rather than the humans getting a second or third job maybe it is time for us to get one. I always say, “All dogs need a job.” In our family, I have been a wage earner author since 2008.

After reading more on pets as wage earners we learned that cats command higher salaries than canines. In New York City, pet parents are sending their dogs out to earn money in show business.

Of course, when “Hill” and I become Mayor and Deputy Mayor we will be the primary earners in our family. You can vote for us now, all money raised goes to support our county’s newly constructed local shelter, the Foothills Animal Shelter. In voting for us you will also be supporting a paw-litical direction for America. I say to that, it is about time!

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