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April 25, 2010 – Since I wrote the labors of love post things have ramped up in my crusade. Getting the word out and campaigning for change is a challenge; since I am a dog on a mission that is all right with me.

I have just launched the first ever National Green Your Pet Month. Every April, we will have a good time, celebrate and help heal the earth. At the moment, only my FaceBook friends can see it; go to Cedar Dog for Mayor and let me know you are right there with me. Till I get it posted on my website sign up for my newsy matters on this page.

In launching National Green Your Pet Month my ambition is signing up 1 Million Strong for Environmental Awareness. Dogs and cats have a huge impact on the earth. With some 77 million dogs and 88 million cats, that’s a lot of carbon paw-prints. That should tell you we have a lot of work to do. Last week I was in Chicago and there are wall-to-wall paws on sidewalks and in parks and that’s before you include felines.

For now scoop the poop, try not to use plastic bags, bio-degradable bags are best if you throw it in the trash. Left on the ground or sidewalk it’s a health hazard for pets, kids, adults and the earth. It affects our water quality; in other words if you think its fertilizer think again; it is not!

This stuff is not hard. All you have to do is learn how your pet impacts the earth, how you impact your pet’s health, make some changes you can learn from my books and tell everyone you know. Become an eco-bark-a-lot. Like I say in my books, I make this stuff amusing; stay tuned.

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