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Cedar Dog asks for your vote : Pets Gone Green
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Cedar Dog asks for your vote


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Your Dog's Poop Goes Where?


No more trashing bagged dog poop. No more sending it to a landfill where it emits methane gas. Wouldn’t it be better to capture the methane to light a lamp? Think of it as Colorado’s Doggie Environmental Project.

YOU can help, voting ends Sept 30th!

While we didn’t WIN this grant for a Denver Dog-Park this time, let’s keep believing we can do better, let’s find doable options, using dog poop as an energy alternative.

Here is the scoop.

1. VOTE! Our project is posted for votes in the Pepsi Refresh Challenge – the program provides community grants.

2. Tell everyone you know to get out the vote by September 30. Then they can tell everyone they know! Competition for the grants is fierce. Voting is free — you simply need to sign up online at http://www.refresheverything.com/denverparkspark.

3. VOTE Daily! You can vote for the same project over and over as long as you don’t do it in the same 24-hour period. It’s easy. Just remember your password and input it for each vote. We will need many supporters voting multiple times to win!

4. If you enter codes from inside Pepsi bottle caps (Power Voting at the project site), you can leverage your project votes 10-100 times. Stack the Ballot Box!

Let’s Make this Happen!

Cedar Dog

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