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Cedar Dog here: Super Pooper Picker-Upper


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Be Paw-Active with these Eco-Pals

Well now, did you ever think you could vacuum-up dog poop? This new product (I am not paid to endorse it, yet) makes pooper scooping pick-up faster, easier and less messy. Being the eco-dog that I am, I do urge using compostable poop bags vs. plastic which you see thrown in the trash in the video below!

Want to be really, truly Eco- Awake? All the time I harken you back, throw the poop in the commode and flush (minus the bag of course), or get your community up and running with a digester (poop-to-power projects). Advocate for clean-up everywhere. That’s the job of pets and their people. Get on it! Watch the vacuum chum go to work!
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One Response to “Cedar Dog here: Super Pooper Picker-Upper”
  1. Cedar Dog says:

    Paws Up!

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