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Cedar Dog names Solisti distinguished professor at Pets Gone Green University : Pets Gone Green
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Cedar Dog names Solisti distinguished professor at Pets Gone Green University


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“It’s a new day for cats and dogs,” said Cedar Dog as she named Kate Solisti, the first distinguished professor at Pets Gone Green University. Solisti is an internationally known speaker, author, educator, and expert in dog and cat nutrition and an illustrious animal communicator.

As founder of Pets Gone Green University and professor emeritus the can-do canine said, “Our humans are clueless when it comes to knowing what to feed us.” The canine author says in her books, “Many of our human companions, including pet food manufacturers expect us to love the dreadful stuff in our bowls.” Bottom line she says, “Nourishing, high quality pet food will save hundreds of dollars on vet bills.” That’s why I have asked Professor Solisti to come on board and “tell it like it is; our people need the truth.”

The duo announced the distinguished series through Cedar Dog’s transcriber, Kathy Deitsch. Solisti’s first introductory course on cat and dog nutrition will be at the University on Saturday June 18, 2011.  Click here to register.

Solisti warns, “Our cats and dogs are in serious trouble. One major reason for the increase in disease and early deaths is the toxic ingredients used in most commercial pet foods that have been fed to generations of American animals. Even the best “natural” or “premium” brands do not provide the most important ingredient that our pet’s bodies crave — raw, life force energy.” Each class teaches how cats & dogs are built to eat and what they require for optimum health. Join us and do better.


Kate Solisti has authored or edited numerous books and videos. Her work embodies nineteen plus years of experience in the US, Great Britain and in Europe working as an animal communicator, intuitive counselor, educator, mentor and dog and cat nutritionist.

Cedar Dog, the strong-willed Chesapeake Bay retriever serves as Dean of the College for Sustainable Behaviors. Her research and expertise are on Poop-to-Power projects, emerging technologies, and Eco-Solutions for a Pet’s Daily©.

Cedar Dog tells pets and their people:

  • Reduce your pet’s impact on the earth
  • Learn how you impact your pet’s health & pledge to do better
  • Learn to protect your own health as pets depend on you to care for them
  • Tell five other people to do the same

Kate Solisti June 18th courses, register now!
Kate Solisti
Cedar Dog books


3 Responses to “Cedar Dog names Solisti distinguished professor at Pets Gone Green University”
  1. We’re a small little pet shop in Italy saying hello!

  2. Cedar Dog says:

    Hi, back! Got a web-link for us to look at?

  3. Cedar Dog says:

    To our friends at the “small little pet shop in Florence,” Italy;

    Gonna send you a couple of emails about an awesome health product for people and their pets. You can get it now in Itlay! It is incredible, Cedar Dog and her entire family take it. Gonna send it in English and Italian!

    Hope you are all well,
    Cedar and Mom, Kath

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