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Cedar dog passes on : Pets Gone Green
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Cedar dog passes on


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In her closing weeks of life here in Ohio, Cedar Dog continued to give her love despite the tolls of aging which her body could no longer overcome. Love was her pillar; her love warms our hearts and soothes the pain we feel in her loss. She was an amazing dog.

It has taken our clan a month to write and share this blog to notify her friends and family worldwide of her passing on May 22nd, 2014 at 11:30 am. After 16 years and two months we are sure you will understand that losing a dog so rich in character is not easy! Cedar personified the gifts our 4-leggeds give freely; unconditional love, forgiveness and loyalty. She always stood out.

Cedar Dog, Doggone Green Champion

Our home is where her story began. The first half of her life was spent calming down from the cruelty she had experienced as a young dog. It took her more than a year to trust 2-leggeds again. Her 4-legged mentors were two Chesapeake Bay retriever sisters, Abby Jean and Brady Sue. The latter half of her life was about fulfilling her life purpose and pledges to action.

Her authorship of Doggone Green – A Call to Action to Save Our Earth and its companion book Doggone Clean and Green – Eco-Solutions for a Pets Daily Life are unique. The latter is a children’s workbook of eco-actions for your best friend; the illustrations are rich, they enliven her lessons, all are fun-loving winners. Her eco-agenda is laid-back and unshakable – save the pets, save Mother earth, safeguard your pet’s health and your own.

Her years of pet therapy visits were marked by fulfilling relationships with the elderly and their clans; her light-hearted blogs inspired pets and their people to action; her creative and persistent “oomph” of greening your pet was never-ending. When she ran for Mayor of “anywhere and everywhere” she raised funds for a new shelter in her community, she received paws-up from politicos the world over.

Pets Gone Green University was established by Cedar Dog to make sure a continuing set of courses is always available for pet parents, both awareness and hands-on skills to perk-up pet’s health and well-being. She understood a smarter pet parent was about preparedness and prevention.

I would be remiss if I botched not reminding you of her favorite projects; scooping poop agenda actions were foremost along with discovering poop to power resolutions. Cedar was diligent everywhere reminding pet parents of their duty to scoop the poop and reminding cats to teach their pet parents to find alternative litters, no clay based litter. In fact one of her honors was Cat’s against Clay, “a cats-only member group fighting for litter box reform,” enshrined her as an honorary member.

Just recently the Mayor of Marino, CA resigned after being caught on video throwing a bag of dog poop in his neighbor’s yard. Cedar would have called it Pooper-gate, shouting it out as a great day for Poop to Power. She knew there was power in that smelly mess; from powering lights in a city park, to triggering disputes and always being careful not to misstep in it.

Being her transcriber was “the ride” of a lifetime. Thank-you Cedar; you loved full out; you taught us to be loyal to each other and Mother Earth. Your life on earth was a gift. We love you immensely.

Your family, Kathy Deitsch, transcriber and Mom
Lisa Faust, Mom; Sister Hillary Cat; Brother Ernie Dog

P.S. As always I’ll leave this final draft by your bed with a treat. Look it over and let me know your thoughts.



20 Responses to “Cedar dog passes on”
  1. cheryl davis says:

    i didnt know about this and am so sorry for you! when my kitty who was almost 18 died, i was not at home. but i had flashes in my mind of him as a kitten playing in the sunshine. as a very spiritual person, i knew he had come to let me know he was free now and sprinting like a kitten on a plane somewhere out there. are you familiar with rainbow bridge? if not please go there and read the beautiful poem about rainbow bridge.and thank you for the nice comments about the peace vigil report.

  2. Sharon Stonerock says:

    How blessed you have been to have Cedar for so long. Yet, it still seems too soon. My heart goes out to Cedar’s family, I still miss all the wonderful dogs who have shared their love with me. Hugs.

  3. Kathy Deitsch says:

    So true Sharon, they are the gentle ones in our world!

  4. Joyce Jay says:

    It is so hard to believe Cedar is gone. Thank you for helping all of us see what Cedar represented. She was symbolic of “all hands on board” to continue with this life existence. I can offer my distant hugs and a touch of energy combining with our community sadness. Thanks for bringing her into our lives.

  5. faye says:

    Oh my! Cedar was the sweetest, gentlest, wisest dog I’d ever met. Your loss must be great. I’m glad I got to meet her and admire her beautiful curls. Thanks for letting me know.

    Your blog was beautifully written.

    All the best,

  6. Kristin Hoffman Singh says:

    Kathy and Lisa,
    So sorry to hear about Cedar. She was a great dog and gave you both so much love. I too, had the misfortune to lose my Opie dog. She passed 6/13/14 after 13 wonderful years in our family. It is still very hard to wrap my head around the fact she does not greet me at the door, ask me how my day was and lie by my feet to let me vent. My heart extends to Ohio and my arms extend out to give you a big hug.
    Miss you both.

  7. Rosella Kliewer says:

    My heart breaks every time I become aware of a beloved pet passing from this earthly life. Cedar obviously had a huge impact on everyone she met and will be deeply missed. I have experienced the loss of several precious pets and it never gets any easier. The love, joy, and unfailing loyalty they give is immeasurable. I am so sorry for the loss her family is feeling right now. I know the beautiful memories will fill your hearts forever.

  8. Lyn Esbenson says:

    I am so saddened to hear about the loss of your great Cedar! She was an incredible being even missed by those of us who live so far away. She brought love and joy and a presence to so many in her lifetime – her memory lives on.

    A memory lasts forever
    And never does it die.
    True friends stay together
    And never say goodbye.

    May you somehow find peace with so much love and sympathy, mine included, sent your way.
    Blessings to you and your whole family always!

  9. Kathy Deitsch says:

    Thank you! One must never forget she credited you in her book as the “Book Doc” and one who added much “hilarity” in her manuscript(s).
    How fun! You are masterful girlfriend! You have remained a loyal enthusiast and are certainly enshrined in her hall of Doggone Green Crusaders.
    Continue your good work.
    For Cedar Dog, Kath

  10. Kathy Deitsch says:

    Lyn, What a lovely note; you and I and Lisa certainly love our dogs. Your kids were always soooooooo special; it was fun just sitting together and watching them.
    They are all such gentle souls who give us so much of what we need in today’s world. A true friend you are and always will be. Some things are just that simple. Blessings back Lyn, take care. It is very true the love and sympathy that “flows in” through notes like yours provides a peace and love available no where else.

  11. Kathy Deitsch says:

    Thank you RAK for your kindness. Beautiful memories for 16+ years, for sure.
    Hugs, Kath

  12. Kathy Deitsch says:

    Thank you Mayor Joyce Jay (Wheat Ridge)

    Her work all began in 2007 in Wheat Ridge, CO. Cedar Dog and I had an exceptional interview with one of your city’s top, Bill LaRow, storm water coordinator for the city. We had done considerable research prior to talking to Bill and he graciously gave us even more in-depth resources. That was at a time when little had been written about eco-pets. We then named the book, Doggone Green: A Call to Action to Save Our Earth and established her website PetsGoneGreen.com.

    As time passed, we continued to initiate actions in Wheat Ridge; her run for Mayor of “anywhere and everywhere” led to all of the Jefferson County Commissioners endorsing her candidacy and crusade to raise thousands of dollars for the new Foothills Animal Shelter. The Mayor and Wheat Ridge City Council supported her efforts through their collective contributions to the Cedar Dog Campaign; One Dollar Buys One Vote, Vote Early, Vote Often. Then Mayor DiTullio and Council members continued to back her agenda and supported her do-gooding.

    She was immensely proud of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s department (animal control & local park district) when they received national attention (Summer 2011) for their clean up after your dog “There is no Poop Fairy” campaign. It made the national news with Rachel Maddow as the “Best new thing in the world today” June 30 2011. It went viral and people and their dogs everywhere were reminded to Scoop their Dog’s Poop.

    Also, Cedar Dog celebrated the decision by the City of Wheat Ridge to establish its first Off Leash Dog Park and Dog Run at the Fruitdale Park. It opened October, 2011.

    Thanks to all in Wheat Ridge for their support. At the time of her passing Cedar was content with her life on the farmstead in Ohio, she had truly “come home.”

  13. Words can’t express how deeply Jim, Amy, and I feel about sweet Cedar Dog’s passing and promotion to the Rainbow Bridge with angel wings. It is never easy to lose the ever present loving four-legged spirit who gives love so freely. Sweet Cedar Dog accomplished more than we mere two-legged spirits do in our longer lifetimes. She created lots of awareness, providing inspiration…and ran for Mayor with a strong set of ethics and high standards. Guess we all know where she learned that, though.

    So, we thank her for sharing some of her time with us during her journey along this life path. Gladly we occasionally reach out and pull a memory forward to make us smile…and be ever more thankful for having known her. Sweet Cedar Dog will always live in our hearts…..

  14. Heather Geyer says:

    Very sorry to hear about Cedar’s passing. Sending positive thoughts your way! He was a great dog and I’ll never forget the contributions that he made to our Wheat Ridge community.

  15. Rose Seemann says:

    So sorry to hear of Cedar Dog’s passing in May. A pioneer in the green pet movement, she was truly an inspiration to many, and that inspiration will continue. I’m sure her last months were happy ones out on the farm with her beloved pack.

  16. Kathy Deitsch says:

    Thanks Rose, we all did some fun and great work together. Appreciate your kind message.
    Kath and the Pac; Ernie and Hillary and Lisa

  17. Kathy Deitsch says:

    Thank you Heather, best to you. Keep it all hummin’ girlfriend. You do a great job. We always appreciated your support.

  18. Kathy Deitsch says:

    Peggy what an incredibly loving message, thank you! You, Jim and Amy (and of course your sweetie Max boy who too was promoted to the Rainbow Bridge) hold a special place in our hearts. You and Jim our awesome humans, your work in the world is so special. Cedar Dog always said, find the “super 2-leggeds in the world and soar with them.” Certainly true with the both of you!
    Life on the farm is very different, so special to both Lis and I, we love it here! Mom and Dad spent a lifetime making it as perfect as they could. At Cedar Dog’s nudging we are looking to begin another orchard. Currently we have 12 beautiful walnut trees in the grove. We have 3+ farming acres we are looking to plant fruit trees, and “real” strawberries, tomatoes etc. As I like to say, the berries we eat, to say nothing of the tomatoes (all store-bought) don’t pass the test of “real food.” This farm in the early years was all planted in tomatoes, nowadays we are surrounded by GMO crops. As we say, “we must be the change we want to see in the world.” Cedar would add, “If you are not taking action everyday, what the heck are you doing?”
    Our Love and Hugs, Kath & Lis

  19. Sue Fields says:

    For Kathy: “Dogs~our animal friends~What a joy! And they offer that joy, their gift of life, for us to share. When they move on the gift remains. Let us treasure it!.” I hope you find comfort in these words. Cedar was loved by so many.

  20. milodry says:

    It was a pleasure to be a Facebook friend with Cedar. She had a long life and did such good things. She leaves a great legacy.

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