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Over and over again we have opportunities to change lives including our own; what we do in those eras tell a lot about us. What do our lives look like today—from where we began, to where we are going— all the while assessing our progress and tweaking. Are you satisfied with who you are becoming?

Are you a doubter? Have you lost trust in folks and governance? I hear you, some days, so have I! With the uncertainly of our times I have come to know first-hand, more and more people who are unsure and distressed!  I talk to people every day who live in fear.  They have fear of being sick; losing their jobs, their homes and “having enough money” to keep food on the table for their families, including their pets and themselves. I ask; so what are you willing to do about it?

For a sum of years, I have been in partnership with our dogs and cats. Some have passed on but stay attentively connected with us in “spirit.” They have become our guides. As you know, Cedar Dog and I crusade for pets and their people.  As a result, we talk every day to folks about a pet’s impact on the earth; are you courageous enough to hear how you impact your pet’s health and your own and then make the changes required? Are you willing to do better, and who else will you tell? Some choose action, others do nothing.

I was a crusader in the 70’s fighting for civil rights during very threating times of hate mongers. Of course, even these days we know many people still choose hate. What I know is rational people stood then as many do today with belief in each other.  Some act boldly; the end result is a day like yesterday, September 20, 2011, the end of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” While that may not mean much to you, for those experiencing intolerance and hatefulness, this is their first day of independence. September 20, 2011 is now known as “Repeal Day.”  According to a Washington Post writer the military discharged 14,364 service members since late 1993 for violating the 18-year ban. Today, opportunities abound for thousands?

I am grateful for those self-determined warriors. There are countless ones to acclaim. I remember gathering with Lenny Matlovich in the 70’s, together with Harvey Milk, alongside Del Martin. Del and her partner, Phylis Lyon, partners of 55 years, were legally wed inside the San Francisco City Hall by the Mayor, Gavin Newsom in 2008. Lyons’s work spanned 50-some years; she was an incredible role model. NPR’s interview.

The lesson is pretty simple, the work is not. Things take time, perseverance and trust. Who we become in those moments measures the nerve or cowardice in each of us.

You may wonder where I am going with all of this prattle. I believe it is about our connection with each other, with the animals, all of life and who we come to be. Isn’t it about choice and believing you can matter, then doing the work and enjoying the ride? Who are you willing to become? The world needs your gifts.

Our pets as guides

You see we impact our pet’s lives in profound ways. Sometimes we know it, most often we do not. Our impact on their health and well-being is huge. I trust you will learn what quality care exacts and give them the best.

They can’t speak for themselves and often their ways of showing us what’s going on with them is very subtle (and sometimes not so when they act out); what’s more they take on our doubts and physical ailments; they emulate our emotions. Bottom line we are all very connected, the animals are right there with us. As my animal communicator friend and colleague Kate Solisti reminds, “We are all in this together, for better or worse.”

I want to share a paragraph from her book, Conversations with Dog, an Uncommon Dogalog of Canine Wisdom. It is done with permission. The question comes from a human, “Why do I love you more than most of the humans in my life?” The dog’s answer, “We are uncomplicated.” Dog continues:

“Dogs want us to know, “Our gift to you is unconditional love. We love you no matter how much or little money you make, where you live, what size clothes you wear. With loyalty and devotion, we give you a model of commitment. With absolute trust and uncompromising joy, we show you who you can be. By being the rug beneath your feet which buffers you from all the harshness of life, we help you feel safe in your world. By sending and receiving love, we teach you that you are lovable to others. This is our only agenda.

Most humans have not arrived at this uncomplicated place. Most humans still walk in the world afraid. You are afraid to change, afraid to stay the same. You are afraid to speak for yourselves, afraid to upset the apple cart. You seek prestige and respect, but can’t give it to yourself. You collect things in order to fill up an empty space in your heart. As a result of all of this fear and baggage, you create obstacles between yourself and others. Obstacles create separation.

Separation is loneliness. Loneliness is isolation. Separation leads to neediness. Neediness complicates human relationships.

Embrace life as we do and others will enjoy your company. Share love and enjoy each other unconditionally, just as we enjoy you. Live in the moment and make it spectacular. You will begin to find that one fabulous moment connects to another, and another, and another…”

Cedar Dog, the thirteen and a half Chesapeake has long said, “Mom, people just make things hard and I am here to support you.” So what do we do? Spend time with your animals and heed their wisdom. When life grows hard, open; when trust falls away, hope; when you feel at the end of your leash, love!

Kathy Deitsch, and my ever faithful and wise companion, Cedar Dog


One Response to “Doggedness”
  1. Kate Solisti says:

    Kath & Cedar, beautiful, just beautiful. I was told a “story” years ago that continues to touch me. It goes like this,

    “In the beginning all forms of life on this planet met around a cosmic campfire. They shared an awareness that each and every lifeform carried a Divine Spark and it was their “job” to express that Divine Spark in all ways specific to their form and function, then return to the campfire to share all they learned with all the others in order for Source to experience itself. So the bees said, “We will explore the Sacred Dance of pollination with the flowers and help spread fertility.” The Dolphin said ,”We will celebrate the interaction of Air and Water, spreading joy into every molecule around us.” Each creature stated their means of experiencing form and the human stopped to think. “What do I have that is a unique expression of the Divine? My large, inquisitve and creative mind. I will express that to the fullest!”

    So humans began to explore all their minds could do, but in the process of this pursuit they began to grow distant from the others. They began to feel seperate/superior and returned less and less to the campfire, keeping their discoveries to themselves and using them only for their own good instaed of the good of all.

    As the other Earthlings watched with compassion and detachment the humans falling away, three species stood apart. They said, “We are not willing to just watch our human kin dislove their connection with all of us. We pledge our Service to the Divine by helping the humans find their way back to connection, back to Source, back to Love.”

    So with love and High purpose, the Dog, the Cat and the Horse, intertwined their lives and destinies with humankind to help us find our way Home.”

    So in a very real way, the mission of every dog, cat and horse in our lives is to reconnect us to who we really are — a beautiful manifestation of Divine Consciousness in Unity with all Beings.

    May we embrace and acknowledge this Sacred Task by engaging our wonderful minds and hearts in loving, caring for and restoring our connection with all our kin all over our beautiful planet.

    Thank you Cedar and Kathy for all the ways you support this “noble cause!”

    With Love and Deep Gratitude, Kate

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