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It’s April, Celebrate Earth Month, Green Your Pets. : Pets Gone Green
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It’s April, Celebrate Earth Month, Green Your Pets.


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I love April, the month launches with my birthday today, April 1. It is also the month I have established as Green Your Pet Month. With the energy of spring comes a new day, a time to refocus on the earth, its natural beauty, and our responsibility to care for it. It is our work, animals and humans alike.

I wrote in my first book, The Earth matters to me. When my paws pat the soil, I take in its energy. Sometimes this makes me act silly and playful, and then I run as fast as my legs will carry me. Other times, I tip myself over and wiggle in the grass, and it rubs my back. This feels yummy!

 Every so often, I park myself in the middle of a daffodil patch. The flowers smell good enough to eat, but I don’t eat them ‘cause they’re poisonous. I lay very still, my legs stretched toward the sky, and the sun warms my pads and tummy. I listen to the sounds of life around me. Sometimes I fall asleep, and then when I wake up my whole body feels toasty.

I am part of the natural world of water, air, dirt, plants, trees, animals, and bugs. I am also part of the life force shared by all living things. When I honor this force, I feel balanced. Yes, I am part of the natural world. We all are.Am I passionate about taking care of our earth? You bet I am! I would like all of us to become better stewards of the earth and its creatures. The earth’s health and my own are interconnected. That is why I wrote my books. I want to show pets ‘n their people how easy it is to go Doggone Green.”

It was three years ago this month that I published my first book, the second was published April of 2009, Eco-Solutions for a Pets Daily Life. 

Cedar & Transcriber in Chicago

Wow, what a ride it has been. In the last weeks, I have launched Pets Gone Green University and the distinguished professor series, Mom, and I announced our speaking gig in June at the statewide Colorado Association of Recyclers annual conference, and today I am re-launching Green you Pet Month (watch the video), this time as a nationwide endeavor. We have to get this done; pets and their people have work to do.

As you read this, Mom and I invite you to do four things; decide how green your household is and ask yourself, do I know how to do better? Green you Pets; how many of Cedar’s eco-agenda items do you do today? Commit to learn and do better, mark a goal for you, your furry ones, and your household. Focus on one thing you will do differently to reduce-reuse-recycle this month and JUST do it!

We want to hear from you. Would you leave a comment and tell us what you do TODAY with your pets and in your household that is GREEN.

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