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It’s time our humans get on it : Pets Gone Green
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It’s time our humans get on it


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I have been quiet for a reason lately. I have taken on some new projects along with my regular “mouthing off” about eco-solutions for a pet’s daily life. And, I am running behind. Mom and I are also working on a third and maybe fourth book. You see I have things to say, we have to get the word out. Today’s post is a great example of our need to “wake up our human companions.” They are falling behind.

NEWS Flash

Diabetes: Preventable!

Dental Disease: Preventable!

Flea Infestations: Preventable! 

According to Dr. Jeffrey Klausner, DVM and chief medical officer for Banfield:Flea infestations are up 16 percent. Now, 78 percent of dogs and 68 percent of cats over the age of three have some form of dental disease. That represents a 12 percent increase for dogs from 2006 to 2010.

The rates of diabetes in pets are rising faster than for humans. From 2006 to 2010, diabetes rates in U.S. dogs increased by over 30 percent, and by 16 percent in cats. In humans, the rate rose 10 percent over the same four year period.

Now read what Dr Becker says. She is all about wellness and education and taking action. Now that’s good! Creating wellness prevents illness in the lives of both pets and in their people. After all, if our humans aren’t well, who cares for us. Remember too, we take on your stresses. Bottom line, what you do for us, do for yourself too. 

Do all of us a BIG favor, take action! You can start by signing up for the Cat & Dog Nutrition class PetsGoneGreenUniverstiy is offering June 18. Early Worm special has been extended.Take a moment and think about it, you need us and we know we need you!

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