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On “fright night” don’t forget the pets


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Cedar Dog here. Wanted to share an article with some great tips (mostly common sense) to keep your furry ones safe. Too often, when our humans are having a good time they temporarily forget about us. Just be sure to prepare for safety. All will be well and life is good!

Woofs, Cedar Dog                                                        

Sister "Stubby" aka Ms KC Rose

Psssssssssssst, today is Stubby’s Birthday!


One Response to “On “fright night” don’t forget the pets”
  1. Cedar Dog says:

    Black cat, birthday October 31st. Sister Stubby has quite a story of how she came to live here. She is low to the ground, round and just had a tooth pulled. Didn’t seem to effect her eating though. She does not take well to our telling her she needs to lose weight. Surprised?

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