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Hillary cat in Chicago

Hillary cat here, to those who know me, I have “spunk and attitude.” Cedar dog asked me to write a blog ‘cos I am one troubled feline. I think cats get a bad rap! Yesterday on TV, two pieces showed up. First thingie, Monday March 10th, Good Morning America (GMA, a program I don’t usually watch & now I know why) segment was on brushing your pet’s teeth. Now don’t misunderstand I love my pooch bro and “big sis” big-time and they always get TV attention and phone calls and chatter about their lives. Me on the other paw, I have to scrape around on my own for everything. Someone tell me WHY felines are snubbed. I am so over it.


Pepper Roker dog

So this is the deal; Pepper Roker, that’s Al Roker’s dog, had his teeth brushed by dad in this pet health segment of GMA. First off, National Pet Dental Health month was February; I guess they just didn’t have time in February to brush pet’s teeth, and Pepper dog acted as though he had really not had his teeth ever, ever brushed. Yep, I’m saying it was all for the cameras. Then another dog appeared; the point, where were the cats? Now we need our “pearly whites” brushed too. See what I mean, we just don’t count.

I want you to know, I do matter in my menage. I get to go along with the dog’s, like now we are in Chicago. My Mom’s do these great PetSaver, Pet First Aid classes. That’s where pet parents learn how to save our lives if we get in trouble and Mom teaches how to do a Snout-To-Tail Assessment.  Last night I was summoned to go along to class; they practiced identifying my vitals. That’s when I was checked out from snout to tail to see if I have any injuries and a wellness check to create a base-line of my health. My vet says that is sooooo good cause then she knows when things change and are not-normal, like the early signs of some sickness or a big boob-boob. You really should think about taking one of these courses, they are paw-some! Mom teaches brushing the teeth too, cause just like  human teeth and gums, ours need to be cared for on a regular basis too.

The other TV clip on pets yesterday was on felines; this report made us sound really creepy. The cat’s name was Lux, a 22-pound Himalayan who lives in Portland, OR. They said Lux attacked their 7-month-old child, “scratching the baby’s forehead.” Dad then kicked Lux “in the rear” and the cat “went off over the edge.” The dude called 911 saying Lux was “trying to attack us, he’s very, very, very, very hostile.” The family fled, reportedly locking themselves in their bedroom with the baby and the family dog while waiting for the police. Oh well, what can I say! I don’t excuse violence of any kind be it the cat or the human; this family may not be best suited for a cat in their family.

I feel better now! Getting things out and letting readers hear what’s on my mind is really good for me. You got thoughts?
Puuurrs, Hillary cat


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