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Our humans get fooled, help stop the insanity, register for my class on June 18


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Appealing images of furry-ones at play, colorful photos of fresh veggies, words like “natural” and high protein formula, allergy-free food, or natural holistic food are just a few ads and pet food labels that conjure up images of feeding the best. As a dog, I think our humans have been fooled into thinking they feed us “good stuff.”

One of my favorite Cedarisms from my book, “We (pets) cannot read ingredient labels, we know you can.” Truth is we rely on our humans to provide most everything for us; they have a huge impact on our health. When Mom and I read recently that pet obesity and diabetes rates have increased, we decided to act. Healthy and nutritious food is one of my five eco-agenda items.

As the founder of Pets Gone Green University, I asked Kate Solisti last March to teach at PGGU. Being the super feisty, eco-friendly canine that I am I wanted the school to “lead the way” in teaching “green” principles for pets and their people.

Solisti insists her dog and cat nutrition course is all about greener and healthier. “I teach based on Nature's design, how dogs and cats are intended and built to eat, and then we create the simplest, minimum waste meal plans possible,” Solisti explains. According to Solisti, it also means, “Less waste in meals equals more useable nutrients and better absorption by the animals.” Providing as many organic ingredients as possible is key. From my point of view a nutritious diet means “quality in and less quantity out” (in the yard)

On Saturday, June 18, Kate Solisti will answer the question, what should our pets be eating. The course will be at the Zinn Dog Training facility in Wheat Ridge, the home of Pets Gone Green University (PGGU). Why would you miss it? Register now with this “Cedar Dog Bring a Friend Special.” Kate and I agree, “This course should be part of every guardian's education.”

Read more on instructor Solisti

My friend Eddy, from Pets for the Environment & I know our people can do better with education.





One Response to “Our humans get fooled, help stop the insanity, register for my class on June 18”
  1. Kate Solisti says:

    Hi Cedar: Yes, you put it beautifully! Many people ARE fooled by pictures of attractive meats & veggies on bags of pet foods, so they never stop to read WHAT’S ACTUALLY IN THE BAG — to the detriment of their furry companions! Did you know that many animals are actually malnourished, overweight and dehydrated for much of their lives and their pet parents don’t even realize it? ? This is a tragedy that can be prevented! We will discuss this in detail in our class on Saturday 6/18. I hope we’ll have a great turn-out — for the animals’ sakes! Best, Kate

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