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Our people need the truth


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I believe “our humans are clueless when it comes to knowing what to feed us.” Human companions, including pet food manufacturers expect us to love the dreadful stuff in our bowls.  Bottom line nourishing, high quality pet food will save hundreds of dollars on vet bills. That’s why I asked Professor Solisti to come on board and “tell it like it is; our people need the truth.”

In March, I named Kate Solisti, the first distinguished professor at Pets Gone Green University (PGGU). Solisti is an internationally known speaker, author, educator, and expert in dog and cat nutrition and an illustrious animal communicator. 

Below is a question and answer Mom and I did with PGGU professor Solosti:

Why are you teaching Cat & Dog Nutrition at PGGU?

Kate Solisti: Teaching dog & cat nutrition and introducing people to interspecies communication fits well with the mission of PGGU. Cedar’s agenda is all about a healthy environment = healthy pets + educated guardians. I have been educating companion animal guardians for almost 20 years, which has made an impact on countless animal’s lives.

 How is cat & dog nutrition an eco-agenda item?

Kate Solisti: Dog & Cat nutrition is “green” because I teach based on Nature’s designs. I start with how dogs and cats are built to eat, next we look at what they are designed to eat and next we create the simplest, minimum waste meal plans as possible for each companion. Less waste in the meals = more useable nutrients = more absorption by the animals = less waste in the yard. I also share the reasons for and the importance of providing as many organic ingredients as possible.

How does good nutrition affect our pets?

Kate Solisti: Good nutrition is the foundation of health. Plain and simple. 75% of dog, cat and human immune systems are governed by the gut. What we eat and how well we absorb nutrients has a tremendous impact on our immune systems and therefore, our overall health. Without wholesome foods, healthy gut flora and receptive cells, our bodies weaken, become diseased and die prematurely.

 Why come to this course, what makes it different.

Kate Solisti: This course is different because of all the bases I cover. Students will leave with a working knowledge of their animal’s digestive systems and their perfect design for specific foods. They will be able to intelligently discuss nutrition with their veterinarians so together, informed guardian and vet can make the best diet and treatment decisions for each animal for the lifetime of that animal. Guardians will receive knowledge to enable them to choose wholesome prepared foods, or to create balanced diets themselves with the ingredients best suited to their own animals. This course really should be part of every guardian’s education.

Why would you miss this? Register Now, Early Worm registation still applies.

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