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If you missed the Pets Gone Green University (PGGU) class on pet nutrition Saturday June 18, 2011, “It was “paws-itively amazing, hands-on goodness; a treat for any human with cats and dogs,” explained one Colorado attendee. 

“Our cats and dogs are in serious trouble,” warned PGGU Distinguished Professor Kate Solisti. “A major reason for the increase in disease and early deaths is the toxic ingredients used in most commercial pet foods,” the fiesty instructor explained.  Even “natural” or “premium” brands, she said, “do not provide the most important ingredient that our pet’s bodies crave — “raw, life force energy.” Wheat Ridge, Colorado is home to Pets Gone Green University. 

Cedar Dog founder and chief visioning officer along with her transcriber Kathy Deitsch opened the meeting by explaining their eco-friendly agenda. Deitsch asked, “How many of you know your pet’s impact on the earth, your impact on your pet’s health (and your own), what you are going to do about it and who you will tell.”

Deitsch laid out the courses of study currently being offered at PGGU. We have high quality instructors, leaders in the field wanting to teach here.  Solisti and Cedar Dog will make more news in coming months as they announce more break-through initiatives.

Deitsch reminded attendees that Cedar Dog’s urban poop-to-power initiatives, research and leadership around diverting pet waste in plastic bags from landfills is cutting-edge. It is our intention said Cedar’s transcriber, ” to set the pace nationally, encouraging people to learn and use pet waste options; like flushing, composting, doggie in-ground septics, worm bins and bringing community digesters to your neighborhood. Remember too, high quality food in means less quantity out in the yard. We are totally committed to teaching “green principles and practices” at PGGU, said Deitsch. Pet parents need to know how to sort through the “how to be greener” challenges families face everyday.

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