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Cedar and Kathy Deitsch

Cedar Dog here; Mom’s back from Climate Leadership Training, Chicago. The 3-day gathering tackled the climate crisis head-on; taught by Climate Reality Honcho, former Vice-President Al Gore and his team of “bright sparks.” Worldwide, there are now 6,000 trained Climate Leaders in more than 100 countries and all 50 states. The work, educate on climate truth with acts of leadership, engaging and empowering people to build networks of reality, all the while inspiring solutions and action in local communities on climate change.

So what do Climate Leaders Do? They engage local media outlets, activate social networks and — most of all — inspire communities everywhere to join in and confront the most defining issue of our time, Climate Reality!

Cedar’s transcriber here; Most likely you know me as Cedar Dog’s mouth-piece. That title role has been and continues to be the “ride of a lifetime.” Cedar Dog and I are dogged when it comes to caring for nature. We often say the challenge of our times is a lack of common sense and due diligence in matters of protecting the earth.

Join us and be powerful champions for the planet!

I am privileged to be Cedar Dog’s transcriber. Cedar and I lead the field in providing Eco-Solutions for a Pet’s Daily Life. We put our “paws” in it, highlighting how to better care for “mother earth,” ourselves, our pets; and then “taking action!” We choose to make a difference, both in a big way, and in a million little ways with thousands of other pets and their people.

Few human beings have the riches associated with being a transcriber for their pet. Pets are powerful teachers of unconditional love, forgiveness and loyalty.

We developed an eco-agenda to die for; we asked the questions:
How does your pet impact the earth?
How do you impact your pet’s health (and your own)?
What are you going to do about it?
Who will you tell?

Understand this, if you are not healthy, how can you be your best for your pet. In matters of your own health and well-being have you done your due diligence? What constitutes a healthy impact? What changes have you made in food and exercise? What have you done for your pet’s health?
Do you remain open to new information?
Do you take action daily as a devotee of planet earth? What eco-solutions do you practice each day?
Things take time, often extraordinary persistence and trust. Who we become in those moments measures the nerve or cowardice in each of us.

In the end it is about our connection with each other, with the animals, all of life and planet earth. It is about choice and believing you can matter, then doing the work, taking the actions and enjoying the ride? Who are you willing to become? Your pet(s) and the world need your gifts.

Cedar Dog & Kathy

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