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Prized and empowering from Cedar Dog


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Mom and I agreed this comment from Kate Solisti was powerful and deserved special posting. You might want to read our Doggedness Blog first. Won’t you comment?

Kath & Cedar, beautiful, just beautiful. I was told a “story” years ago that continues to touch me. It goes like this,

“In the beginning all forms of life on this planet met around a cosmic campfire. They shared an awareness that each and every life-form carried a Divine Spark and it was their “job” to express that Divine Spark in all ways specific to their form and function, then return to the campfire to share all they learned with all the others in order for Source to experience itself.  So the bees said, “We will explore the Sacred Dance of pollination with the flowers and help spread fertility.” The Dolphin said ,”We will celebrate the interaction of Air and Water, spreading joy into every molecule around us.” Each creature stated their means of experiencing form and the human stopped to think. “What do I have that is a unique expression of the Divine? My large, inquisitive and creative mind. I will express that to the fullest!”

So humans began to explore all their minds could do, but in the process of this pursuit they began to grow distant from the others. They began to feel seperate /superior and returned less and less to the campfire, keeping their discoveries to themselves and using them only for their own good instead of the good of all.

As the other Earthlings watched with compassion and detachment  the humans falling away, three species stood apart. They said, “We are not willing to just watch our human kin dis-love their connection with all of us. We pledge our Service to the Divine by helping the humans find their way back to connection, back to Source, back to Love.”

So with love and High purpose, the Dog, the Cat and the Horse, intertwined their lives and destinies with humankind to help us find our way Home.”

So in a very real way, the mission of every dog, cat and  horse in our lives is to reconnect us to who we really are — a beautiful manifestation of Divine Consciousness in Unity with all Beings.

May we embrace and acknowledge this Sacred Task by engaging our wonderful minds and hearts in loving, caring for and restoring our connection with all our kin all over our beautiful planet.

Thank you Cedar and Kathy for all the ways you support this “noble cause!”

With Love and Deep Gratitude, Kate

Kate Solisti



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