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Rally-Round “CEDAR DOG’S HOWLIN’ GOOD TIME! : Pets Gone Green
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Kathy Deitsch, Cedar Dog, Lisa Faust

On May 22, 2014 our working life changed bigtime. It was then the incredible CEDAR DOG passed away at 11:30 am. Truth is, Dog, Cat and People growing older is a subject we share everywhere–all over the earth. Our pooch’s LOVE was for sure a mainstay. Love warms our hearts, soothes pain and offers amazing times.

Then our family’s canine companion was 16 years of age. She personified kindnesses; unconditional love, forgiveness, and loyalty. She always stood out!

The first half of her life was spent calming down from the cruelty she experienced as a young dog. It took her more than a year to trust a two-legged again. Her four-legged mentors were two Chesapeake Bay retriever sisters, Abby Jean and Brady Sue. The latter half of her life was about fulfilling her life purpose with “her paws” always being in action.

She became the author of Doggone Green-A Call to Action to Save Our Earth book. Next was the workbook, a kid friendly resource sketchbook. The artworks are rich; they liven up her teaching lessons. Learners are fun-loving winners. Her eco-agenda is laid-back and steadfast. Save Our Pets, Save Mother Earth, and Safeguard Our Total Health.

Later on her years of pet therapy visits were marked with (2-legged) backers in care facilities. Light-hearted blogs inspired pets and people to action; her creative and persistent “oomph” of “Greening Your Pet” plus Going Doggone Green is the never-ending. PetSaver™ Pet CPR, First Aid & Care-PetTech Inc. Then SHE ran for MAYOR of “anywhere and everywhere” raising funds for a new community animal shelter in her county with politicos the world over.

Pets Gone Green by Cedar Dog sure made certain an ongoing set of courses are always available for pet parents, both awareness and hands-on skills to perk-up pet’s health and well-being. She knew a smarter pet parent was about preparedness and promotion on an Appeal to Action—SAVE OUR EARTH!

We’d be lax if we bungled not reminding readers again ALL of Cedar’s favorite projects; the “gather-up poop” agenda actions was at the top of the girl’s list. It was hard, working to “bark back” at pet parents. “What you have to do” is scoop-up feline poop and help pet parents find alternative litters, no more clay based litter. In fact one of her honors was Cat’s against Clay, “a cats-only member group fighting for litter box reform,” enshrined her as an honorary member.

A Mayor in California once resigned after being caught on video throwing a bag of dog poop in a neighbor’s yard. Cedar called it Pooper-gate! She knew there was “power” in the putrid mess; powering lights in a city park, triggering disputes and always being careful not to blunder and step in it.

Being your Writer CEDAR DOG was Telling YOUR Story. A Notable Ride of a Lifetime FOR Mother Earth! You LOVED Full-Out! You Taught LOYALTY! You Were a GENIUS! We LOVED YOU Hugely!

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