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The two-leggeds were well-behaved


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The ribbon is cut, the center is open. Photo Credit Bob Krugmire, Thin Ice Productions

Nearly 150 people gathered for the the grand opening of the Zinn Training facility. Of course I helped Wheat Ridge, Colorado Mayor Pro Tem, Tracie Langworthy cut the ribbon. From a dog’s eye view the two-leggeds were well-behaved and the food was outstanding. I say, let the FUN begin.

Check out Dana Zinn’s K9 Nose Work training video to see if this is an option for your pooch. They call it the new urban sport for dogs; in my view it gives dogs a job. My brother Ernie is forever telling me about it, he says it is easy and exciting. Actually he is very good at it. Dana Zinn, the instructor, explains “the sport taps into a dog’s instinctive ability to hunt and dogs naturally love the work.” Check out Zinn’s website and register for classes. The center is located at 12200 West 52nd Ave #6, Wheat Ridge, CO  80033.

Zinn’s canine partners are Sierra, a Belgian Sheepdog Mix, and Kudos, a Belgian Tervuren. Kudos is titled in K9 Nose Work, pictured here to the right of Dana Zinn.

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