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“Plop, smack dab in the middle of the daffodil patch; yep poisonous if I eat them, moreover peaceful as I lie there with my paws reaching to the sky,
scratching my back against the

Cedar Dog

Cedar Dog

I am a persuasive pooch cause’ I have confidential info, I know pets “rule” in your life! As a dog, I concede my bias around our gifts; “We are straightforward, always in the moment, we love unconditionally, we are totally loyal!”  That’s why I wrote Doggone Green, A Call to Action to Save Our Earth.  As doggone green crusaders I KNOW we can help our people save planet earth!

You guessed it, April is a “real” special month for me; I celebrated my date of birth, I published two books, and the world cheers on the Special EARTH DAY. I dare to change human behavior, daunting don’t you think; that’s cause’ I know we have unprecedented influence! Don’t You Agree? You and your pet(s) gonna join us?

Cedar Dog
Take action each day; it’s the only way things get done.”  Cedar Dog
Transcriber, Kathy Deitsch

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