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I said on my FaceBook FAN page this morning that I sent Mom to the Denver Dumb Friends League Cat Fest today. She will talk about CatsAgainstClay and other feline matters. What kind of litter does your cat use?

Clay litters inflict a very high toll on the environment. Picture millions of tons of clay-based litter tied up in plastic bags sitting in landfills. The clay flakes will never degrade and the plastic bags are dreadful. Clay litter is captured through strip mining, which scars the earth. Mining involves huge amounts of energy to dig it out, haul it away, dry it, and then transport the heavy stuff to stores for sale. I like to say “imagine taking thousands of acres of land and scraping off millions of tons of the earth for a seam of clay so cats have something to poop in; how silly is that?”

If you know my mission and me, you know I make a big commotion about pet poop. Do you pick it up (dog poo), what kind of bags do you use and then what do you do with it? In the case of cats, are you using a safe and friendly litter? Remember cats and humans have allergies to clay-based litter dust. Dogs do as well. Therefore, it is out with the clay and in with a plant-based biodegradable litter such as pine, wheat or corn-based litter. Most are flushable and if you do decide to send it to the landfill use an earth-friendly bag.

Finally, always remember that clay litter contains silica dust that is classified as a human carcinogen. So when the dust settles this stuff is nasty for the house felines, canines, and two-leggeds. You can do better.

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