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Ernie’s Big Paws


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I have been yapping at Mom and I think she’s over me so I thought I’d blog. Getting my doggie noggin around this idea of sustainability is a big job for a dog.

First off, some news from Doggone Green headquarters. My moms got me that puppy I said I wanted after I finished my book. Ernie is his name. He is the cutest little guy. Don’t tell him, but he is good for me; keeping me young and in top form.

Here’s the thing, I watched him the other day and his puppy steps remind me of the Doggone Green Actions I bark about in my book. Ernie’s paws are huge. After all, he is a chessie like me. He’s a little awkward as his 4-paws get in his way. He doesn’t mind, he just plods along.

Sustainability is a lot like Ernie taking one puppy step-at-a-time. It’s a huge job but it is not rocket-science. Andrea Robinson, the top dog of “green” for the ‘big party” here Aug. 25-Aug. 28, (that would be the Democratic National Convention) puts it this way, “Sustainability isn’t that hard to do. It’s taking maybe one more millisecond of thought about where you put something or what you use.”

Well, there you go—thought and action, something we’d like the two-leggeds to value so together we can help save the earth.

I particiapted in the Colorado EarthWorks Expo in June. It was a zero waste event with 3,000 people attending; the Democratic National Convention expects 50,000 guests, the Republican National Convention plan on 45,000 attendees. Both claim their conventions will be the greenest ever. When Mom read that I barked out, “that wouldn’t be hard.” I am smart enough to know if they are making a big deal about it in 2008; they haven’t done much before now. This is a good place to give tail wags to Xcel Energy for anteing up the “green” to power both events with wind.

I put my paws together and bark out loud for Andrea Robinson. Her goal for the 5-day event is to recycle, reuse or compost at least 85 percent of all trash generated during the democrat’s bash. That means only 15% is sent to the landfill. Now that makes my tail wag.

How does she plan to do that you ask? Robinson gathered 900 green volunteers; I call them the “green pack” sorting trash for the event. I would volunteer but doubt they would want me. Mom calls me garbage mouth when I get into things I am not supposed to. Some claim the DNC’s Robinson is way over the edge. Not me, this woman is on a mission and is a Doggone Green Crusader. I want her on my team any day.

The Republicans meet in Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Sept. 1-Sept. 4. Mom tells me the green efforts of each gathering are light years apart. You can make up your own mind.

For me, sustainable is about wellness and a better quality life for our people, the animals and the earth. The big point is that we don’t use up all of the earth’s natural resources in the process. When we reduce our use of toxic chemicals, reduce pollution and at the same time care for and save natural resources we make the earth a safer place now and for future generations.

I talk in Doggone Green that before buying anything consider the product’s lifecycle and determine how long it will last. Can you dispose of it without throwing it in the trash? Is their a more friendly alternative you can choose instead? If we do use it, will it distress the earth?

So what is Zero-Waste. The end of all garbage, as we know it and our humans focused on redesigning products for reuse. Reused items go back into nature or the marketplace. Now, that’s sustainable.

One last thing, I wonder if anyone attending either of these events will be bringing their dog. If so, please commit to memory—dog poop is an eco-concern. You walk your dog, pick up the poop using a biodegradable or compostable doo-bag, then flush the poop, minus the bag. Believe me; you have the EPA’s blessing! Let’s see, what do we do with the bag? Look for the nearnest recycle bin.

Tail Wagggin’ Love,

Cedar Dog

Look for me on August 24th in Denver’s Green Frontier Festival.


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