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Fireworks, parking and VID


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I sent moms to the Edgewater fireworks on Saturday night. Don’t tell them but I called ahead and woofed to my buds that they needed a parking spot (there were thousands down there celebrating and I wanted to make sure they were safe since I wasn’t along). I soon got a call from a good bud of mine on the planning commission who issued them VID (Very Important Dog) status in his driveway. How cool is that? I am sending him a special card and my soon to be released (compostable) doggie poop bags for he and his 4-legged.

This is the fun part of the story. Moms came home and were quick to tell me how one of my buds on the Edgewater planning commission had seen the signs on our van (VOTE Cedar Dog for Mayor) and ushered them right into his driveway. They were speechless (by the way, that doesn’t happen often, speechless I mean). I didn’t woof a thing; just gave a huge doggie-grin and told them it just shows how cool it is when a dog runs for Mayor. It’s time for 4-legs and a tail, I said; people are ready.

People are asking and I’m kicking it up. Here is the scoop, post-4th of July action. VOTE for me if you have not (vote again if you have already), it’s really time for Cedar Dog for Mayor! Click on the VOTE button where you will find my banner. Click on it and contribute to the new Jefferson County shelter, Foothills Animal Shelter that replaces the old Table Mountain Animal Center. Grand opening is late in August.

On my website, you can watch the three Jefferson county commissioners endorse me, Cedar Dog for Mayor. One Dollar Equals One Vote, Vote Early, Vote Often! I will be holding some contests and other fun things I’m cookin’ up, stay tuned. Remember it’s Cedar Dog for Mayor!



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