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Got crushed up bugs in your bowl


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It is in most everything; do you know the truth. Are these nasty ingredients or nature’s way? Bugs in food products; Starbucks is admitting using the bodies of ground-up insects in their strawberry frap! The strawberry base, said a company spokesman does contain “cochineal extract.” The challenge (or is it) other than using extract in the first place is the labeling. Like people would know “insect additives” were actually the artificial color or color added and noted on the label. What do we know about these insects, where do they come from and what is the impact? Is beet juice or maybe “real” strawberries an option? Too expensive to use instead?

OK humans, beware; not only is the food like juices, colas, gelatins and other processed food using these additives and worse, but so is the cosmetic industry. Since much of the pet food on the market is waste products from human food production can you begin to imagine what manufacturers of the majority of dog and cat are putting in pet food? Wonder why pets and their people are getting more and more chronic disease. Read the label on your pet food and do the research. Be informed and then decide what lifestyle choices YOU want to choose for you and your furry-ones.

Read the Starbucks article here.

What is cochineal extract?
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A cluster of females scale insects. Credit: Frank Vincentz/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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