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Sent Mom to celebrate animals and confront cruelty


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As many of you know, I sent my transcriber Mom to the Colorado state house yesterday. Her “marching orders,” make our representatives aware of animal cruelty issues.

Paws up to her; she went, she worked, her report back last evening was just as I expected, our state house member and state senator are onboard. What’s next? Spread the word – educate more! So come on two-leggeds, we need you onboard.

The numbers yesterday were grand, 200 folks “walking their talk” for animals. Were you one of them? The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and sponsored the Colorado Lobby Day. Holly Tarry (HSUS) and Jill Buckley (ASPCA) made clear the job at hand, give animal lovers the tools and direction to spread the word amongst lawmakers. The message, we’re here; we need individual lawmakers to join the conversation with the Colorado Lawmakers Animal Protection Caucus. Pets and their people serve as the paws and feet on the ground for reliable animal protection information. The challenge; provide an organized and efficient medium for protecting animals as Colorado focuses on its economic priorities.

Here is what you need to do. Are you with us?

Send Holly Tarry a note, she is the lobbyist for the Humane Society – Colorado. Tell her Cedar Dog sent you, you are here to help. Holly’s email:

Educate yourself on the issues. Be willing to show up and talk to your state lawmakers. We’ll support you and go along if need be.

Woofs, Cedar Dog

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