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Still Stinkin’ the Air


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Politics is still stinkin’ up the air. It’s time we had a talk about animal politics. Oh, I know; I can hear some of you now, crabby and yawning. Hang tight, I’ll make it short.

First off, I srutted my book and Doggone Green Cape (my cape is really something to woof about) at Denver’s Green Frontier Fest. We were the Green Print Denver kick-off event for the Democratic National Convention. Doggone Green was selected to participate because we are actively waggin’ our tail to help create a sustainable future. Not only was I busy signing up Doggone Green Crusaders in every state but the Rocky Mountain News selected Doggone Green as the top eco-hip item at the event.

In my book I said, “I have a hard time getting my noggin’ around why it is so difficult to get laws passed that keep animals safe. Elected representatives must forget about us when they go to the Capitol. This is very sad to me in light of how we serve humans day in and day out.”

Mom sees it differently, reminding me not to take it so personally. She says lawmakers are supposed to know what is going on, except they run out of time and cannot keep up with it all. She said, it is about priorities. Exactly, my point I barked back, which is why we need to bring issues front and center; its time they wake up. I say to neglect our concerns is paw-litical suicide.

As I see it, we need to do a couple of things: Know our issues and build grassroots “power packs.” Lawmakers need to recognize that we talk to other “packs” and together we support candidates. Julie Lewin, of the National Institute for Animal Advocacy, (NIFAA), says, “Right now powerful interest groups are beating us.” Okay I want to know who are the powerful interest groups against the animals.

According to Lewin, very few of us know our lawmakers’ votes on animal issues and we are the ones who care most about humane treatment and laws? Now, that doesn’t square very well with me. Don’t most Americans back humane treatment of animals?

As far as I am concerned this is where the rubber meets the road; our furry four-pads need to beat a path to lawmakers’ doors. OK then, our job is education and pack action.

I’ll fetch some guests who are familiar with what we need to know and when; national and local groups who do the paw-itical work for the animals. Read my recent interview. Finally, I will check out where the contenders for Grand Poobah stand on animal issues.

Tail Waggin’ Love,

Cedar Dog

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