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Will humans ever get it; cats are fed up, they finally put their paws down : Pets Gone Green
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Will humans ever get it; cats are fed up, they finally put their paws down


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I say over and over that humans make things hard, and what’s more, they do not get the gravitas of my eco-agenda. However, wait, there is hope; two-legged support is on the rise as four-leggeds have risen up! In paw-ticular faithful felines, in fact this time they have really stirred the box. I have my feline sister Hillary to thank, let me clarify. 

As you know, I launched 1 Million Strong for Environmental Awareness in April. I had speaking gigs in Chicago, shelter stopovers, and fans in the Mid-West to woof with and get the paw-ulse of supporters as I kicked-up my eco-bark-a-lot-campaign. Before leaving, I launched National Green Your Pet Month in Edgewater, Colorado with the Mayor. The yearly tribute will take place every April alongside earth day celebrations worldwide.

Before my trip, Hillary and I designed cat-paign work she would do here at headquarters. Hillary’s job, to dig up the dirt on a stealth cat society we thought might be willing to lend-a-paw to our eco-work. Hillary had said she wanted to do something sly. Hence, we thought this was a great opportunity for the daring orange tabby to be in charge at the home office.

Hillary is a rescue kitty thrown out of the back of pick-up truck four-years ago. Today she is as clever as they come; trust me, I know; she can outfox every two or four-legged. “Hill” as I call her, is well known for her “spunk and attitude.” Some of you know she and I have been “prowling” around more and more in public lately. See our recent pet therapy photos from YourHub, The Denver Post. 

When we were approaching downtown Chicago, I got a call from “Hill,” she had uncovered a lead in the city that I needed to check out quickly. She explained, “It is by your speaking gig Cedar,” she told me to send little brother Ernie (who was with me) out to do some “nose work.” I was in awe; it gave Ernie a job (all dogs need a job) as he was getting on my nerves anyhow and it was an opportunity for him to put into practice his scent training. Perfect I thought. “Hill” had done terrific work, but wait, she was not done.

Sure enough, Ernie uncovered Hillary’s lead right away. It was at the exit, within two blocks of our weekend activities. There it was a huge billboard with a paw labeled crime-scene over a litter box.  Hillary had described it purr-fectly. Sure enough, the stealth group of cats known as Cats against Clay had positioned a billboard ad at a strategic spot. I did doggie back flips; how very cool, they were promoting my work. I spent the weekend teaching humans to be eco-bark-a-lots and pointed out the feline billboard scores of times. Cats had stepped up! I say paw-er to felines.

Of course, the information is not new to our tribe. Our environmental awareness campaign is proud to welcome and give a paws-up to CatsAgainstClay.org. You see the cats in this campaign are sly, witty and have clawed their way into my work, which is paw-fect! We have been talking about the harmful clay-based cat litters everywhere as we advocate for safer, biodegradable litters that are nontoxic for pets, their people and the earth.

Come to find out the remarkable group of cats have billboards appearing in other major cities like San Francisco, New York, Miami, and Chicago. Last month the determined felines took out a full-page ad in the New York Times. I am so proud! This kind of promotion is just what our campaign needed. As I say, “You just can’t buy publicity this good.”

Are you on FaceBook? If so, LIKE me and Join my 1 Million Strong for Environmental Awareness Campaign.

Woof and Purrs,
Cedar & Hillary

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