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A Dog for Mayor, What’s That : Pets Gone Green
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A Dog for Mayor, What’s That


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If you don’t know me, here’s the “scooooop.” I’m a dog on a mission, a Doggone Green Crusader mission. My name is Cedar Dog and this is the deal. Pets, especially dogs and cats, have a huge impact on the earth. The humans don’t seem to get it. With some 77 million dogs and 88 million cats, that’s a lot of carbon paw-prints.

My eco-work began in 2006, in my own backyard, so to speak. We began by cleaning-up my “own business.” We made sure we picked up the poop on our walks and in our yard; used more eco-friendly products and reduced our residential waste stream by three-quarters. Today, we compost and this year started our own garden. I taught my family to reduce, recycle, and reuse and then we set in motion a plan to let the neighbors know. You see, I want my neighborhood to be a place where pets and their people most want to live.

Along with the 3 R’s I’ve added a 4th, retool. What’s that you ask; it’s learning new habits, thinking about purchases before you make them, being a think eco-first kind of creature be it human or animal? It’s about up cycling and using imagination to make a difference.

Then it was time to broaden my eco-activism. I wanted to widen my circle. I wrote a couple of books, so pets and their people had a reference of what to do and how to get it done. My books are intended to encourage change, to end the way you’ve been doing all things non-eco. My mantra: Go Green, Live Healthier and Bark about it.

Now, I’m setting off on another milestone, it’s time to do more; to serve and empower others to do the same. Some days we need to break from the pack and go for it. If that’s sounds like you please join me because I’m Running for Mayor for everywhere and anywhere and, here’s why.

Remind candidates everywhere to focus on the environment

Reduce your pet’s impact on the earth

Raise money for the animals; homeless animals are a part of any pet-friendly eco-agenda

My campaign needs one and all, animals and humans alike. We can make a difference. Since I’m a dog, it is easier for me to keep it simple; bear in mind simple isn’t without effort. The subtitle of my second book ( a children’s book) says it all; Doggone Clean and Green: Eco-Solutions for a Pet’s Daily Life. We’ve got big work to do to change the world, so let’s get started. There is not another moment to waste.

Sign up to join me on this crusade and Vote CedarforMayor at the vote button on this page. You can buy my books and a portion of the proceeds will go to the shelter project in my own backyard.

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