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Mudslinging does not “sit” well with me


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Cedar Dog for Mayor here.  To my doggone way of thinking political attack ads don’t cut it with me. I have 4-legs-and-a-tail and feel better grounded for it. Huuumans on the other hand “make things really hard and difficult.”

A great example are political races; huuumans treatment of each other is downright ugly. I stand for a fair and even playing field. Either you have what it takes to win or you do not. The rules in the “lot” need to be fair for all. You need never be defaming or mean, you certainly do not “egg on” others to do nasty ads on your behalf, and you dissuade them if a group thinks it is a good idea. A morsel for thought; in a dog’s world, there is always a leader and the leader leads!

By now, you know I am a Chesapeake Bay retriever, a serious dog, a powerful retriever with a strong personality and possessed of quiet good sense. I am a bark-a-lot. Even I know that a negative ad is disagreeable and ugly. They have no place in my paw-litical life.

What’s worse, when huuumans use a dog, families and kids in photos or print other emotionalized references to take the “edge off” a negative ad or to “lighten the tone,” it is trashy. This sort of human politickin’ makes me want to snarl.

Timing is everything. Mailing this nonsense when it is too late for a response leads to bad government and there ought to be a ruling to stop it cuz it is downright disrespectful to voters. Oh, I know Mom explained to me about “regulating public speech.” That topic is for another day!

Solution; to me this is all quite simple. It does not matter which side uses negative ads or other dirty tactics; they are all nasty! If it is your candidate or the opposing one, tell them what you think! Snarl if need be, get your point across.

Unhappily, expecting anything better is unlikely, as huuuman politicians seem to enjoy weak and ineffective rules around campaign activity. The average citizen and I want a change.

My final point, is it any wonder two-leggeds tell me everyday that it is time for 4-legs-and-a-tail. Have you voted for me yet? I am honest enough to tell you, One Dollar equals One Vote; Vote early, Vote often! It is Cedar Dog for Mayor.  

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