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Cedar Dog and her transcriber

Cedar’s Eco-agenda

“The spunky canine reminds all of us that “our future rests on being sustainable today and every day. The time has come for pets and their people to make a change. It’s a new day, we won’t stop until:

Every companion animal has a lifelong safe and loving home.

Every bit of dog poop is picked up and disposed of in an earth-friendly manner.

Every litter box is filled with safe litter, no more clay-based litters.

There is healthy, nutritious food in every bowl.

All home and lawn toxic exposures are removed.

When pets and their people practice sustainable actions daily, they teach & tell others to do the same.

Five to do’s

  • End Pet Homelessness

  • Doo Doo: Canines and their humans; Stoop to Scoop
    Felines and their humans; no more clay-based litters

  • You are what you eat

  • Rid toxic exposures

  • Be sustainable in all that you do

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