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Cedar Dog, Founder of Pets Gone Green University

Prepared to Act for Your Best Friend

Have you ever witnessed a cat or dog hit by a car with a pet parent running hysterically to aid their furry one and seeing them nearly hit as well? Fact is they were most likely leading with their heart. Pet Tech’s eight-hour PetSaver™ course will teach you to be effective; leading with your head, using your hands with awareness, acting appropriately. Pet first aid is the immediate care given to a pet injured or ill.

Have you asked yourself, am I prepared to take action for my best friend in a crisis situation? The Pet Tech PetSaver™ First Aid course is for all pet parents and pet professionals. According to the American Animal Hospital Association, 1 out of 4 pets could be saved if just one pet first aid technique is used before transporting the animal to the veterinarian.

Knowing this, are you ready to do what you must to care for your pet in an emergency? Imagine your dog lying beside you, appearing to look like she is about to throw up; suddenly you observe her eyes are bulging; her neck is extended in a way you’ve never seen before. You realize your best friend is choking. Are you prepared to save your pet’s life?

Lisa Faust, Certified Master Instructor PetTech

Pet-izens and the Golden Years,
a part of  the 8-hour PetSaver Course of Study

 Do you know “doggie” or “kitty” breath is abnormal and a sign of poor oral hygiene requiring immediate attention? Do you know how to properly brush your pet’s teeth, select safe toys, healthy snacks and treats? Do you work with your pet’s doctor to assure good dental health? All of this and more; CPR, Rescue Breathing, Shock Management, Bleeding Protocols, Injury and Wellness Assessments, Heat Injuries, Cold Injuries and Pet Care. All of this available in an eight-hour PetSaver™ class

The instructor, Lisa Faust, was energetic, knowledgeable and enthusiastic.  I feel better educated and able to respond to any emergencies that might involve animals. Thank you for a great class.” — Pam Porosky, PetTech  CPR and First Aid, February 2011 Rocky Mountain School of Massage

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