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Green Crusader Invites Honda


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The humans at Honda say their Element SUV is the most up-to-date creation happening; they call it the Honda “Element Pet-hauling Champ.” I am thrilled an auto-maker wants to create the ultimate pet car. See more dog-friendly vehicles.
Let me be clear, I am not being compensated by Honda to write on their 2009 fall edition Dog FriendlyTM SUV. I do put my paws together for a “dedicated second row and cargo area pet restraint system.” An unrestrained dog impacting humans in a collision can be deadly for everyone.

I’ve had a seatbelt for several years. It provides protection in a standard vehicle including the back of a SUV and uses the vehicle’s existing seat belt system. My belt has its own carrying case so it goes with me and features a metal latch vs. the breakable plastic models. See the video crash tests with a 35lb. dummy dog in a vehicle traveling 30mph. When the vehicle impacted, the dog generated 1,135lbs. of force. That’s a smasher!

Now, let’s get back to Honda’s “Pet-hauling Champ.” It features a cushiony pet bed which should be eco-friendly. The bed is in the cargo area on an “elevated platform.” Hum, I wonder if there is a sunroof above the pet bed. What’s more, they’ve added an extendable cargo area load-in ramp which can be useful for a senior dog. The seat covers in the second-row show off a dog pattern design which matches the pet bed fabric. The floor mats have a toy bone pattern, are all-season rubber and washable. The “dog friendly” exterior emblem broadcasts; special cargo onboard.

Other features include a spill-resistant water bowl. This is an opportunity for a green and healthy add-on; I recommend a stainless steel bowl. Their 12V DC rear ventilation fan is attention-grabbing especially if a dog is sitting in the cargo area or second-row seat and their pet parents smoke. Second-hand smoke is super toxic. I am adamant and won’t take no for an answer Honda; pets in a confined area need better than the flow of fresh air. We must have a quality air machine.

With all of the challenges car makers face these days, Honda may want to reassess. With my healthier, eco-friendly plan, pets and their people could benefit. Even if it’s in just one category; air filtration would help everyone breathe easier.

Two last things; despite their claim that this is a “Pet-hauling Champ,” my feline family is left-out. There is no mention of crate restraints. My idea; advertise the new Honda Element as a Dog-hauling Champ. Oh, one more thing. Where are the door and window locks? Dogs can easily roll down a window or unlock a door for a fast escape?

I’m a penny-wise Doggone Green Crusader. I’ll bring my own add-ons and continue to Reduce-Reuse-Recycle.

Click here for more information on seatbelt restraints.

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