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Join me in my labors of love


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I told you a bit about me in the last blog. Today, I’ll woof about some things I think you would want to know so you can join me in my labors of love.

During the 2009 holidays, I began offering my book pack for sale at a reduced price and giving $5 (five dollars) from the sale of the pack to my CedarforMayor campaign. That money goes to the local animal shelter in my own backyard. You see, our community is building new digs and I want to do my part for the animals. I urge all of you to help me. It is soooo easy, go to CedarforMayor (or use the vote button on this page) and vote for me; $1 (one dollar) equals 1 vote (one vote); Vote Early and Vote Often. It’s a big deal.

I call shelters “recycled love zones.” Unlike our people, animals don’t have a way to state and defend our rights; therefore, it becomes the responsibility of the community of humans to care for us. There are thousands of homeless animals who are treated cruelly or who are abandoned in our own communities. They need us to rally round and lend a paw or a hand.

Now for a little bit about what my grassroots campaign. I know kids and neighbors, mayors and everyone love animals. I am setting up this CedarforMayor campaign to make it easy for everyone to vote and help with small gifts. Like a dollar or two or maybe even one hundred pennies; having all of the animals and humans in your house vote for me. You can vote more than once, vote early, maybe every month thru December 31, 2010. I call it being paw-litical for the animals.

I know my life is really good, I couldn’t ask for much more. If you’d talk to my little brother Ernie, who co-authored the children’s book, Doggone Clean and Green: Eco-Solutions for a Pet’s Daily Life with me, he’d tell you he doesn’t get enough to eat, he wants more food. He gets enough; he just wants to “gorge.” I suppose I used to be that way too; in reality many animals have little or no food, water or shelter.

Sometimes our lives change too and we are sent back to a shelter or worst left behind; a pet parent passes away, or there isn’t enough money to care for us. Maybe our people lose their home. I came to my “forever home” from Chesapeake Bay Rescue; my early life was not good as I was abused and penned-up outdoors.

Today, as an author and environmental advocate ending homelessness for the animals is my top eco-agenda item. All of us, cats and dogs, need to be licensed wherever it’s required and wear identification tags or be chipped. Our humans must make sure we can’t escape through holes in or under a fence or nudging open a gate and keeping our feline brothers and sisters indoors.

My agenda includes pet overpopulation controls, spay and neuter. Imagine this, 70,000 kitties and puppies are born every day compared to 10,000 human babies.

Finally, why are so many pets given to shelters? In my books I list common excuses that people offer when cats and dogs are turned over to shelters. Some of them are so silly they make you wonder why people get us in the first place. I like to remind pet parents we are entirely dependent on our people for our well-being.

Check out CedarforMayor, Vote for me and help the animals.

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