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In news clips from October 18 one appeared that I don’t woof on enough, pet poisonings. The article is on truly harmful chemicals. Most poisonings are totally preventable when toxic dangers are out of reach or out of the house.

In my books grab a copy here there is a lot of information on avoiding dangers indoors and outdoors.  “Animal companions are extremely curious; we will sample taste almost anything.”

Some toxic or hazardous chemicals can kill us immediately or make us very ill. Others build up in our bodies over time, like years, as cats and dogs regularly lick floors and carpets, glass, counter-tops, appliances and even mops. That means unless your family uses safe household cleaners you are regularly taking in toxic ingredients. Indoor air can be a toxic stew; does you family use safe pet care products for bathing and grooming; what chemical solutions are used to get rid of fleas; do you have safe toys and chews. My books lists many of the dangers and some you would not normally think about.

A number of plants and bulbs are poisonous to pets.

According to the Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. (VPI), the company received nearly 20,000 pet poisoning claims between 2005 and 2009. With the rising cost of veterinarian care it is often difficult for families to find affordable care making prevention even more important. While I do not endorse any one pet insurance plan or company it does seem more and more that pet parents are buying insurance protection for their pets.

Finally, are your pet parents prepared for a pet emergency? Do you have one of our pet first aid kits at home and in the car? Do your pet parents have the knowledge and skills to save your life? If not they can sign up for the next PetTech First Aid course November 7, 2010 in Denver. To sign up and learn more go to   A New Way to Life. Don’t put this off, we are too important.

The 10 most common poisonings from VPI claims.

Accidental Ingestion of Medications (pet or human drugs)    5,131
Rodenticide (mouse & rat poison)    4,028
Methylxanthine Toxicity (chocolate, caffeine)    3,661
Plant Poisoning    2,808
Household Chemicals    1,669
Metaldehyde (snail, slug poison) 396 
(Pets poisoned by snail bait, a real life account)

Insecticide    323
Heavy Metal Toxicity (lead, zinc)    288
Toad Poisoning    270
Antifreeze Poisoning    213
Walnut Poisoning    100
Alcohol Toxicity    75
Strychnine    28
(strychnine used as a pesticide for killing small vertebrates, birds and rodents)

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