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  • How can you reduce your pet’s carbon paw-print?

  • What are the top 5 things you and your pet can do to start transforming your environment right now?

  • How do your pets impact the earth?

  • Cedar can teach your community to think about the world from a Dogs eye view: How conscientious are you as a pet parent? Do you scoop or walk away? What is in your pet’s bowl? Is your animal in danger at home – Have you eliminated all toxic exposures in and around your house? How sustainable are you and your pack? How do your protect your pets from ever being homeless?


In Paws We Trust”

Cedar adopted the Will Rogers philosophy on politics; “I love a dog; she does nothing for political reasons.” Let Cedar show you how A BIG DOG CAN LEAD!
Cedar and Kathy completed a “mayoral campaign that everyone felt good about in 2009-2010. Many local public officials, one-dollar equaled one-vote, endorsed the CedarforMayor™ campaign. She raised $5,000 for the NEW shelter in her local community, the Foothills Animal Shelter The spunky dog always says, “It’s Time for Four Legs and a Tail, reminding people that it’s really ‘In Paws We Trust.’”


Cedar is an author. Her two books are written in first dog; laid-back with a howl of humor. She employed her Mom as transcriber and artist Vickie Leigh Krudwig to add plenty of entertaining illustrations. Cedar is a 75-pound gentle-mannered Chesapeake Bay retriever, curly coated with deep chocolate-coloring.
Her first book is Doggone Green: A Call to Action to Save Our Earth. The most recent book is titled Doggone Clean & Green: Eco-Solution for a Pet’s Daily Life. It is for children and is co-authored with her little brother, Ernie. In it the two Chesapeake Bay retrievers woof about the “web of life” and how we are all connected. They remain us “that we each have a responsibility to sustain life, rather then destroy it. We must all help the earth heal.”
They teach about safe habitats; picking up trash and dog poop, choosing healthier food, chews and treats; to scoop the poop and how pet overpopulation harms us all. Doggone Clean and Green covers it all. Cedar and Ernie encourage us to learn about the habitats we live in and how our daily actions make or break the web-of-life.
Cedar says, “As an author I am an eco-bark-a-lot, pet therapy dog to the elderly. I am running for Mayor to raise money–in my own backyard–for animals that are homeless and less fortunate and to help pet parents ‘to be all that can be’ for us, the furry four-leggeds.
While my life began with a great breeder who treated me well, things became dark when a guy bought me to hunt. When my “forever family” and I connected I was rebellious, haunted by cruelty and abuse. Today I am a pampered pooch on the move with a message of green and wellbeing. What’s more, I like to woof-out on how you can move out of your gloomy circumstances and make a difference too.”
She subscribes to the saying, “Children are for people who can’t have dogs.” ~Author Unknown
Cedar has just launched Pets Gone Green University—Live Greener, Live Healthier and Bark about It™. As she says, “It’s time pet parents prepare to take the best possible care of us, their 4-legged furry-ones.”
A favorite workshop at the university is a Pet First Aid course. It is for pet parents and pet professionals. A New Way to Life is offering courses in Denver, CO. Email Lisa Faust for information. Follow the link to sign up.
Contact Cedar and her Moms to book an appearance for you club, school or organization.
Cedar and her transcriber, Kathy Deitsch present humorous and an informative talks with images for either adults or kids; CLEANLINESS AND LIVING GREEN IS NEXT TO DOGLINESS!

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