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Be paw-litical for the animals


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In Paws We Trust

My candidacy is universal; it is all about the animals. It is not a liberal or conservative plan.

My campaign is about people learning the impact their pet has on the environment. When you vote 4-legs and a tail for mayor you are supporting education, helping homeless animals and asking pets and their people to partner with me to raise eco-awareness. It’s a sustainability agenda. Be paw-liticial for the animals and the environment.

• Help me raise funds for the new Foothills shelter.
• Realize pet overpopulation affects our neighborhoods, parks and waterways.
• All pets need identification for their own wellbeing.

Why I am running for Mayor everywhere and anywhere:

• Remind candidates world-wide to focus on the environment,
as well as to partner with my campaign to raise eco-awareness.

• Ask, what is my pet’s impact on the environment?

• Raise $10,000 for the new Foothill Animal Shelter; that’s 10,000 votes

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