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At one of our Denver speaking gigs recently, Mom and I were presenting eco-solutions for a pet’s daily life; someone asked how I chose Mom as my transcriber. I thought I would share our answer and how I know she is the “real deal.”

Me & Mom in Chicago arriving at Green Festival

Being a canine and wanting to pen a book is one-big job. When we published books in 2008 and 2009, I needed help; I knew I wanted Mom to set down my experiences, dreams, and thoughts, as she and I are “zealous about our work.” We practice green actions together, visit and investigate new ways and ideas, ask tough questions, bark-out about them daily, and advocate for others to do the same. We do a lot of chin-wagging.

Mom had stirred my curiosity some years earlier when she shared that growing up on the farm she communicated with the animals and with nature. I told her “I have images in myself” and she told me she could “see those” as well as “hear my feelings.” Believe me; I tested her, as I did not want some flap-mouth thinking she was talking for me, even if it was my Mom. Here is the rest of the story.

As many of you know, I do pet therapy weekly. After my pal, Joe passed away at the elderly facility in 2007; Mom and I walked and talked a couple of days later. Our journey, at first light was quite unlike any walks we had taken before. After all, I had visited Joe every Tuesday around 2 pm for some years; he was an “old and dear friend;” I knew him well. I was grieving and more than that celebrating the specialness of the human, I had come to know.

It was on that Sunday when I knew Mom was for “real.” I let her know I wanted her and me to give Joe’s eulogy later that day. As we walked, I told her what I wanted others to know about Joe, about our time together; what our visits were like and what dreams we shared. You see what you do not know is everyone else saw (and I might add experienced, unpleasantly so), the crusty-side of my friend; I saw an “old and wise man who never failed to speak his love for me.” When I walked in his room and his eyes caught a glimpse of me, Joe would light up, smile, and greet me with all he had that day. He would have a bag of cheerios waiting for me from breakfast because he would ask for extras on Tuesday and stow them away for my visit. Joe told me his “big dreams,” and shared things he wanted to do with me. He never forgot to thank me for visiting and being his “best friend.”

I wrote in my book; “The day of Joe’s services I walked with Mom to the front of the chapel; I sat ever so still and looked in each person’s eyes as she spoke my feelings. There was not a dry eye in the chapel. Those moments changed our life forever.” Seven months later, we published our first book and a year later Ernie (my little bro) and I co-authored our second book, the one for children.  

Just last week I heard Mom tell someone “when you truly love animals you are communicating with them.” She explained, “You just have to nurture the gift.” Mom is matchless and instinctive. She is in touch with all of the animals in our house, the felines, Miller man, Hillary and Stubby and my canine brother Ernie, all stories for another day. Every day I sit back (sometimes with a big canine grin) and watch my 4-legged family share with her. I am so grateful we have an amazing “forever home,” and that I found a Mom who I am incredibly proud to call my transcriber. For a dog, like me, who was beaten, abused, and put out for rescue, I am one lucky four-legged.

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It is a very, very cold day here today, my paws and snout are icy from  outdoor visits, but this is news that warms my heart. A most unique and intuitive soul will be featuring her fine art in my town of Wheat Ridge, Colorado on Friday, February 4, 2011. Vickie Krudwig did the amazing illustrations in my books. She describes her art as follows:

                   “I use spiritual meditations, non-linear narratives, vivid colors, illumination, and ancient images as patterns. My modern abstract paintings encourage viewers to voyage through the world of birds, angels, and prayerful meditations and poetry from around the world.”

For the record, I describe her art (in my books) as nothing short of stupendous. She and Mom took “my images” and cast them into “words and drawings” that tell a story of my passion for the earth. The header of this blog is an example of her work in my books.

Do you know how your pet impacts the earth and how you impact your pet’s health; what you are going to do about it and who are you going to tell? We discuss the choices pet parents have in caring for the environment and our health. It is not complicated, take my word for it; this is something you need to know and you will want to do. In fact, it is fun.

I urge you to pick up copies of my books, Ernie by brother and I co-authored the second book for kids in 2009, Doggone Clean and Green: Eco-Solutions for a Pet’s Daily Life (see my online special). Also, check out my NEW Pets Gone Green University  for a list of courses we teach. After that go to Vickie’s reception Friday evening February 4. You will be glad you did, I guarantee it.


Vickie Leigh Krudwig         
Artist Reception, Friday, February 4th, 2011
6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

at the Elements Art Gallery, Anthony M’s Visions in Gold

6789 West 44th Avenue – Wheat Ridge, Colorado 80033

Phone (303) 424-1881

Woofs, Cedar Dog for Mayor

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The ribbon is cut, the center is open. Photo Credit Bob Krugmire, Thin Ice Productions

Nearly 150 people gathered for the the grand opening of the Zinn Training facility. Of course I helped Wheat Ridge, Colorado Mayor Pro Tem, Tracie Langworthy cut the ribbon. From a dog’s eye view the two-leggeds were well-behaved and the food was outstanding. I say, let the FUN begin.

Check out Dana Zinn’s K9 Nose Work training video to see if this is an option for your pooch. They call it the new urban sport for dogs; in my view it gives dogs a job. My brother Ernie is forever telling me about it, he says it is easy and exciting. Actually he is very good at it. Dana Zinn, the instructor, explains “the sport taps into a dog’s instinctive ability to hunt and dogs naturally love the work.” Check out Zinn’s website and register for classes. The center is located at 12200 West 52nd Ave #6, Wheat Ridge, CO  80033.

Zinn’s canine partners are Sierra, a Belgian Sheepdog Mix, and Kudos, a Belgian Tervuren. Kudos is titled in K9 Nose Work, pictured here to the right of Dana Zinn.

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